Morocco is a paradise for travelers for those who want to enjoy a journey which combines beauty from the past as well as natural wonders and a rich cultural heritage. Morocco is the North African country, located in the middle between Africa with Europe is filled with amazing activities to enjoy and most breathtaking things to experience. Morocco offers a lot to offer to all types of travelers. If you’re a history enthusiast, a visit to The Imperial Cities will leave you in delight.

If you are a fan of water sports and beaches it is a must to visit Morocco. Moroccan cities along the coast. It is also possible to explore some of Morocco’s hidden places to enjoy an enjoyable and peaceful time far from the hustle. It’s not easy to determine the most enjoyable activities to enjoy in Morocco.

Here are ten reasons to consider tours to Morocco and making the country your next holiday Destination:

1. Relaxing beach holiday

Morocco is one three countries that with coastlines that are on each of the Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea, along with Spain and France. You can take your honeymoon or family holiday in one of the stunning seaside towns in Morocco including Essaouira, Tangier, Casablanca or Agadir. There are also diverse water sports from March until Mid September, when the weather is mild.

2. Exotic culinary experience

Moroccan cuisine is famous for its diverse dishes and recipes that are scrumptious with herbs and spices. They vary between the meat and fish, as well as chicken. The most loved dishes in Morocco are the Couscous as well as the tagine. You shouldn’t skip this delicious experience while you travel to Morocco.

3. Morocco Hotels Riads

Riad refers to an Arabic word meaning garden, the Riad is the name given to the local palaces or homes to Moroccan people. Riad is a term used to describe palatial buildings for Moroccans. Riad is a home with a garden or courtyard within the central part, which is with trees. The houses were converted into hotels, and were made available to visitors to stay. In general, the Riad has a couple of rooms, so you’ll be able to feel at ease like you’re in your own private palace.

Dades Valley: A hiker’s delight Dades Valley: A hiker’s delight, Dades Valley is a scenic place to hike through the natural marvels of nature. There are views of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the distance as well as other sights (like the orchards, and small towns) that are visible from the canyon.

4. Morocco Imperial cities

Morocco is a nation with an extensive civilization and culture. When you go to Morocco you’ll have the opportunity to explore the four cities of royalty :


A detox town is a ‘detox town’. Chefchaouen is a great spot to unwind when you’ve seen the bustle of the major tourist destinations in Morocco. Chefchaouen has no separate attractions However, one of its unique features is that it’s been painted blue, earning it the name of the Blue Pearl of Morocco’ as well as giving you the feeling of calm whenever you go there. It’s a wonderful spot to take a leisurely stroll through the lovely streets.

The small bazaars as well as the souks will give the buyer access to everything that range from food items (like the fruits and vegetable) to jewellery and art and craft. For a more relaxing experience and relax, visit the local Hammam in which you can enjoy the typical Moroccan massage. If you’re looking to learn more about the past in the town, go to Kasbah Museum. Kasbah Museum.


The capital of economics and the biggest cities in Morocco. The principal airfield in the city of Mohamed V is located in Casablanca along with its mosque Mohamed V that has a minaret believed to be the largest worldwide. It is the Hassan II Mosque: Spoken of by numerous travelers The Hassan II Mosque is situated in Casablanca which is a port city and the biggest Moroccan city. The mosque itself was built in 1993, and is among the most famous and modern buildings in Morocco.

The mosque represents the wealthy Moroccan culture that is evident through intricately made marble pieces, and vibrant mosaics, and tiles that honor the vast Islamic traditions of Morocco and mixing in more modern Moroccan crafts and arts. It is known that the intricate detail of the artwork took 10,000 artisans to create!

The capital of the political system. The capital city of Morocco, Rabat is situated along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and is extremely stunning, and has attractions that boast that of their Islamic and French-colonial history. Some of the things to see that are worth visiting in Rabat include the royal fort and Rabat’s Hasan Tower, and the Chellah. From cathedrals to mosques with palaces, botanical gardens and the best food all of it, Rabat is definitely worth an excursion!


One of the best cities in Morocco that you can visit is Al- Karaouine University, the oldest university in the world. We’ve covered 3 of our 4 Imperial Cities, and the fourth does not surprise us as much as the other cities. The appeal of Fes is found in its messiness and its not been cleaned to be seen by tourists like the other Imperial Cities.

Its beauty in culture seems to be in chaos and even though it’s not as tidy like the other cities, it’s beautiful nevertheless. The old-world vibe with its traditional souks, lively streets, and beautifully decorated religious institutions make Fes an intriguing destination for visitors from all over the globe!

Meknes City and Bab Al-Mansour

We wrote an entire piece on the splendour of Meknes, the Imperial City in Meknes however, if you want to visit various regions of Morocco and would like to go to Meknes for a short period of time One thing you must be sure to see within Meknes is Bab al-Mansour. It is a grand entrance, and that of Bab al-Mansour was never meant to serve as a functional entrance.

It was a major tourist attraction in the past, before it was built , and remains stunning as a marvel of design and architecture typical of Morocco. It is a magnificent symbol to Meknes in the role of the capital city of Morocco and is among the most magnificent and beautiful gateways in Morocco.

Volubilis: It has been considered a “feast” for people who are interested in historical. Volubilis is an old Romanic ruin that sits on top of an edifice, rising over the surrounding countryside. A relic of the past beauty in Roman times, Roman Empire, Volubilis can be visited on a day trip to Meknes or Fes. Imperial City of Meknes or of Fes.

The most important city in Morocco offering a variety of entertainment, including cultural sites entertainment, desert adventure and the shopping experience at Djamaa El Fanaa square. Are you surprised by the fact that this city wasn’t at the top of the list? We understand why! If it weren’t for many other stunning places, this popular destination is definitely the top choice and travelers from all over the globe can attest to this! The most well-known Moroccan cityis Marrakesh. Marrakesh is a place that has caught the interest of tourists from all over the world and is popular. But, whether it’s crowded or not it is a stunning city.

The fourth of Imperial Cities, Marrakesh is famous due to it’s medina (the old city) as well as the vibrant maze-like streets. Along with its Koutoubia Mosque, the Bahia Palace as well as Saadian’s Tombs as well as the Menara Gardens (amongst a few other major sights), Marrakesh has a lot to offer historians.


A charming old seaside town, Essaouira offers a delightful sight of vibrant fishing boats, forts and winding streets within the town. Essaouira offers delicious seafood options , as well as charming villages in its outskirts which are accessible on a stroll along the beach.

5. Trekking in the desert and Desert Adventure

There is a Moroccan Sahara desert is a part of the Northern Africa desert which is known as the third largest desert in world. Explore the beauty in the desert exploring it. Atlas Mountains where you can climb and camp beneath the stars.

There are many other things you can explore In Morocco is the deserts that are found in Erg Chebbi, the Draa Valley and the Rif Mountains, and Tetouan, the capital city. Tetouan as well as many other. Morocco is definitely a stunning destination which will make you want to return and discover every place!

6. Ouarzazate along with Kasbah from Ait Ben Haddou

Ouarzazate city, with its stunning desert landscape is regarded as the capital city of the south. In Quarzazate there is the chance to go to Ait Ben Haddou, a protected Unesco World Heritage Site, where a lot of films were shot there.

Ait Ben Haddou, A UNESCO World-Heritage site located within the Moroccan islands The Ait Ben Haddou is a fort (kasbah) that appears to be an enchanting fairytale castle thanks to its orange-colored turrets, and curving lanes. It’s so beautiful that it has captured the attention of tourists and film makers (Hollywood) as well. One of the best features is that you can stay in the kasbah, too; even though there isn’t any power in the fort.

7. Moroccan Festivals and Music

The time and date you are going to be, expect to see dance, music or a traditional celebration. If you’re planning your trip, you should try to coordinate with one of the festivals in Morocco and this is a ideal way to get to know the rich heritage of Morocco.

8. Morocco shopping experience: Best souvenirs to purchase

Morocco is renowned because of the souks ” markets ” which offer an array of exquisite items, foods, fruits and spices as well as leather. It is also possible to find shopping malls that carry European & International brands. The storekeepers will always greet them with a warm smile and a glass of mint tea.

9. Morocco Weather

The climate in Morocco is quite mild throughout all seasons. The spring season (April through May) and the autumn season (September as well as October) are the most suitable time to travel in Morocco. The summer months are the ideal time to enjoy vacationing on the beach along the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean while winter is perfect for visiting the south, with a pleasant adventure in the Atlas mountains during snow conditions.

10. Morocco Culture – Hospitality

Moroccans are among the most welcoming and friendly people you will meet. they are simple and honest and will always meet guests with a warm smile and a cup of mint tea, which is the most loved beverage in Morocco.