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Your Simple Guide to Start Vlogging

Vlogs are, without a doubt, the most popular content on the internet. While you might feel the need to start one, you may also wonder if it’s too late for you to learn how to vlog.
What makes a vlog stand out among the over 300 hours of YouTube footage that are uploaded each minute?

As with podcasting and blogging, you have the opportunity to share your unique voice through video content. Here are the reasons why you should create a vlog and how to get it started.
What is a “vlog”?

First, what is a video blog? How is it different from other types of video footage?

As you probably know, vlog is shorthand for “video blog”. It’s the exact same content as a blog post except that you speak to a camera rather than write it.

You can choose from two types of vlogs: a talking-head video with the camera on a tripod or on a stack books depending on what your equipment budget allows. It stays still while the vlogger talks about the topic. Or, a ‘talking-head’ video where the camera is on a tripod (or a stack of books depending upon your equipment budget!) and films clips as the vlogger goes about their day.
The rise in superstar vloggers

It’s easy for us to see the complicated side of YouTube in media.

YouTubers are selling out arenas on national tours.
YouTubers get book deals and end up on the bestseller lists.
YouTubers are earning six-figures just from pre-roll advertising, and that’s not counting all the brand sponsorships or merchandise profits.

YouTube is home to many more content creators than just the YouTube elite. They diligently upload and film videos for a much larger audience.

If you only want fame and fortune, then you are setting yourself up for failure. There are only around 4,000 YouTube channels with more than one million subscribers. You don’t have to have over a million subscribers to be able to share and receive valuable content through vlogging.
Benefits of vlogging to increase your audience

You could be opening up new markets if you already have a podcast or blog. Content is consumed in different ways. While some people prefer to listen to advice and read stories, others prefer watching it.

More people are watching

YouTube is rapidly becoming a popular source of entertainment. People are choosing YouTube videos over traditional television and Netflix. YouTube videos are more relatable because we don’t see actors. Instead, we see real people and their lives.

Create a personal connection

Vlogging makes it easier to establish a personal connection than through podcasting and writing. Even if you are only able to see the person speaking, there is something very meaningful about it. By vlogging, you are inviting someone into your world to share a bit of your thoughts and/or life.

Increase audience loyalty

Vlogging is a great way to build your following if you already have an audience. YouTube is the best place to begin vlogging if you are new to the content business. It is also the second most popular search engine in the country.

YouTube is home to over 1 billion hours worth of video daily. You’ll upload your content to a location where people are searching for it.

One downside to growing a YouTube following is that unlike your email list or website, you don’t own your audience. YouTube messaging systems and videos are the only ways to send content to your audience.

However, this does not mean you should stop trying to convert YouTube subscribers to your email lists. YouTube subscribers will be loyal to you because they will follow you on other platforms. This is why you can consider them warm leads for any other projects.
As a new vlogger, the best way of building an audience is to create it.

It can be difficult for a brand to succeed on a new platform with all the noise and thousands of videos posted to YouTube each day. It’s not enough to create videos that appeal to everyone. Instead, choose a niche.

Did you know you have the power to choose your audience? If you make videos that appeal only to a niche market, you can attract people who fit that niche. You’ll also build an audience who will view you as their primary source for information on the topic.

A niche will help you grow. It will increase the likelihood that your videos show up in search results related to that topic. Also, people who talk about your channel to friends will know how to describe it.

They might not have ever seen a channel quite like it before, so they may be more inclined to share it. YouTube is a great place to see the power of niches.

Four years ago, I started my channel. I made videos about fashion, food, design, DIY projects, and other topics that I was interested in. After three years of being on the channel, I had around 30,000 subscribers. After three years on the platform, I made a dramatic shift and decided to only focus my content on design. Since I am a designer, this is what interests me the most.

I decided to go all-in on design videos. Although some of my viewers stopped attending because they were looking for craft projects and lookbooks, I gained a lot of attention in my niche and attracted thousands of new views.

YouTube recommends my videos now alongside other design channels. I’ve been included on many roundup lists of the ‘top graphic artists to follow on YouTube’.

On my fourth anniversary of YouTube, I had reached 70,000 subscribers. It’s 40k more than I had expected in one year of dedicating to a niche.

You can build your YouTube following by picking something that you are known for and using it as your starting point when creating content.
How to vlog, if you are just starting

Although there is much to consider when you start a video blog, I only have a few words of advice that I use most often.

“What camera should i use?”

This is the main question that people ask when they start vlogging.

Caleb Wojcik is a friend and has written a guide on video gear. However, when it comes to Vlogging, the content is more important than the equipment you use to film it.

Although higher quality audio/video will make you look more professional, even the best vlogs will not be enough to keep viewers engaged.

What camera should I use? You have everything you need!

“What should I discuss?”

Another excuse I hear is “I don’t know how to talk about it.” This is the number one reason people have for wanting to start a YouTube vlog.

Document, don’t create.

His advice was simple. Instead of worrying about vlog content ideas for beginners, just document your life.

Please share your thoughts and experiences. Tell us what inspires you and what frustrates. Although you’ll still be creating content for the site, you won’t need to think about what topics to cover. Because you’re being authentic, your content will be immediately relatable.

You’ll see many vlogs that follow the same principle of creating and documenting. They share their day, their process for food photography and thoughts on politics. They are open and honest, sharing their thoughts with you.

You might be wondering what topics to talk about in vlogging. Any part of your process you can break down into a video that is a little more than a minute long, write it down. Any problems you have had to overcome when you were starting out, or still struggling with today.

Soon, you will have a collection of video ideas that is as long as your arm. This will make it easy to plan your next year’s content. It will surprise you at how much your audience will gain by simply sharing your process.
Stay connected to your YouTube audience

The best way to learn how to vlog, is to get out a camera and start talking. Grab a camera, and start talking.

Don’t wait. Your thoughts are welcome. It’s up for all to see, so upload it and watch what happens. Your vlogs will be loved by a loyal audience if you work hard, are consistent, and show some vulnerability.

To stay in touch with this audience, an email mailing list is necessary.

YouTube does send notifications to your subscribers when you upload a video. But what about all those casual viewers who have never clicked the subscribe button. You might also want to inform your subscribers about upcoming projects.

An email list can be the best way to deliver your news directly into your followers’ mailboxes.

A landing page is the best way to get started with your email list. You can link to this page in the description of YouTube videos, or in your Instagram bio.