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Understanding the DJI Action 2

The DJI Action 2 is here and it confirms almost all the specifications that were released in the last few weeks. But, there were four unexpected things we didn’t learn about due to leaks.

Action 2 is the successor to the DJI Osmo Action. It comes with a brand new modular design, as well as a magnetic mounts that are comparable with Insta360 One R and Go 2. Insta360 One R and Insta360 Go 2. As compared with Hero 10, the Action 2 has a magnetic mount. Hero 10, the Action 2 is lower in resolution at 4K (instead that of Hero 10’s 5K 60 frames per second) however, it features an 1/1.7-inch sensor that’s about 50% bigger than the sensor in it’s predecessor, the Hero 10.

In the last few weeks, there have been a lot of reports about Action 2 that proved accurate. There were, however, some details that were brand new:

1. Image quality and stabilization performance. Although there were numerous reports about details of Action 2 specs, no person had experienced the image quality or stabilization capabilities that came with Action 2. Action 2. Here are some sample videos from the Action 2 (note that they’re interspersed with different cameras). These videos appear to demonstrate stability and image quality similar to that of the Hero 10, but it’s difficult to judge without an actual side-by-side comparison. I’ve placed an order for an Action 2 and will be looking at it in comparison to that of the Hero 10.

2. Wireless Microphone

A high-quality audio is crucial when you’re video logging. This DJI Osmo Action 2 has a wireless microphone that allows you to capture clear audio without cables hindering your recording. It comes with two microphones wireless. I believe it’s a fantastic idea. It’s only issue is price. It costs $329, which is substantially more expensive than $299 Rode Wireless Go, and less than $299 Rode Wireless Go II with two microphones.

Action 2 has a wireless microphone that connects to the

3. Waterproof case

Action 2 has an optional waterproof case that allows it to go further. Without the case Action 2 Action 2 can go up to 10 meters. The waterproof case has a rating of up to 60 meters depth. The waterproof case is also able to protect the front touchscreen and power module, which aren’t waterproof.

4. Price

There were rumors of pricing however, no one could tell exactly what the price would be. There are two price levels which are $300 for the camera that comes with the power module as well as $519 for the model that has the touchscreen in the front. In comparison, the Gopro Hero 10 is $399 with a 1-year guarantee for replacement. GoPro is also offering a promotion that includes two batteries in addition to an external charger for batteries without cost.

DJI Action 2 discount

The best price for Action 2 that I’m aware of is via B&H Photo, if you purchase it using the Payboo Store card. The Payboo card functions like credit cards, but it is only accepted with B&H Photo. If you have this Payboo card you are able to obtain Action 2 Action 2 (and anything else from B&H Photo) without paying the tax on sales, which will be refunded immediately to you.