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Understanding Database Activity Monitoring

The shift into a workforce that is remote been so fast that security teams haven’t had the opportunity to put in place desired control measures. Companies are now confronting remotely accessible and executed rights that were not planned even just a few months ago. The increasing use of personal computers and work spaces at home has increased the risk of a security breach.

Common controls like encryption and encryption, data loss prevention (DLP) and tokenization, access controls and check for configurations might not have been used in all cases. The current circumstances have put more emphasis on the necessity of reducing risks to an organization’s data assets because of the wide-ranging attack surfaces.

Resolving the New Cybersecurity Security Risks

With this in mind that is the case, one part of the security of data monitoring data access and activity, is crucial in helping protect sensitive data. The monitoring of activity data (DAM) can detect and block any potential threats to your data across operating environments, delivering real-time notifications and alerts. Monitoring of data activity is managed to can address the shortage of skilled workers and allow companies to reorient their resources to concentrate on other business requirements.

Management DAM services are accessible 24/7 and help protect the data that is structured and unstructured within applications, databases, files and data warehouses, as also hybrid multicloud and big data environments. Managed DAM can monitor the integrity of important information in these areas, in real-time and automate the necessary compliance checks. Companies can identify who has access to specific types of data and if any illegal attempts have been identified.

Data activity monitoring solutions provide real-time monitoring and audits of data activity making use of the cognitive analysis and analytics for threat identification to spot the possibility of security violations. DAM will generate alerts and exceptions , and aid in the transfer in security-related incidents (policy infractions) towards the center for security operation (SOC).

There are many advantages of making use of controlled DAM service, and the important benefit is the 24-hour coverage and the ability to detect emerging threats faster because of a wider view of events within the industry provided offered by service providers. These services are an essential element of a more secure security plan that are part of a program to protect data.

Selecting the Best Managed DAM Services

Organizations that are looking to implement managed Database Activity Monitoring services should take into account the following aspects when making their choice of a service provider:

Environmental coverage is part of the solution.
Platforms are monitored
Provider expertise
Options for coverage
Alert notifications are sent out quickly.
Regular device health monitoring
Integration of the Solution with the SOC
Capabilities for reporting
Reports on compliance
Policy management
Patch management and updates
Optimization and tuning of steady-state solutions and tuning

Remote work has become the standard, requiring that companies take steps to strengthen their security. Monitoring of data activity should be taken seriously to protect against possible data breaches and improve security. Monitoring services for managed data activity are an essential part of the data protection plan and can be a great complement to the existing security measures.