It can seem like an endless task to convert your home VHS tapes into digital files, especially if there are decades of memories in the old format. It’s not as simple as digitizing negatives or photographs. Also, it can be difficult for a VCR to play the tapes. You may already have some old home movies that are beginning to fade. VHS was not intended to be archived. Once you have converted vhsc to mp4, the best video editing software is available for free. You can then clean up your videos and share them with friends.
You can convert VHS tapes to digital at your home with just a few tools if you have the time. There are many services that can convert your tapes for you, even if they are very old or you are short on time. This is our guide to help you get started.

How to digitize VHS tapes from home

A working VCR is necessary to digitize VHS tapes at your home. Although they are not difficult to find, these VCRs can be hard to locate. You can often find one on eBay or Amazon second-hand. Prices vary so make sure to shop around. One that includes audio and video composite jacks is required.

A USB-to-composite converter and a computer that has USB ports are required in addition to the VCR. Although they are very easy to find, the cost of USB-to-composite converters can vary.

Many converters include downloadable software for processing the transfer. You will need to ensure that the software is installed on your computer before you start the process. You can start the process once you have the software installed on your computer. The USB connector should be plugged into your computer. You can also plug the red, yellow and white cables into your VCR. Many composite plugs have an S-Video connector. You can use an S-Video port if your VCR has a newer model. It will provide slightly better quality.

Put the VHS you want to digitize in the VCR. Then, rewind the tape to the place you wish it to start. The VHS will begin converting when you press play on the VCR or hit record in the software of your computer. You can watch everything happen in real-time, so you don’t have to be there to adjust the tracking. The software converts files into MP4s, which you can then save to external hard drives or upload to cloud storage. It’s worth buying a dedicated drive if you’re undertaking a large digitization project.

How to digitize VHS tapes using mail-in services

There are many mail-in services that can digitize your VHS tapes if you have limited time or prefer to let the professionals do it. Prices and delivery methods vary depending on the company you choose. Some companies will send back DVDs while others will save your files to a thumbdrive or allow you to download them from the cloud. TapesToDigital is one of the best.