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Guide to the Ebikemotion Companion App

The Ebikemotion X35 drive product, found on bikes such as Orbea Gain and also Pinarello Dyodo e road bikes, is among the most asked about technologies in the store. Many people utilize the electric powered assist as a training application to get quicker all over their bike, while others use it to have a great time.

But possibly the crucial to its reputation is the motor’s discreet operation; the hub based drive unit is nicely concealed behind the cassette, and also it is controlled by a single inset button on the best tube. Uncomplicated, painless, along with extremely modern. Having said that, there’s a lot more than these Ebikemotion bikes need to offer besides basic assist.

You will find a selection of features to make use of, from auto adjusting your bicycle’s assist according to pulse rate, toGPS monitoring of your bicycle, along with precise battery life remaining of the bike, using the Ebikemotion companion app.

We highlighted ways to use the bicycle’s main capabilities in a video. This includes info on the IWOC ONE controller, GPS navigation fundamentals, and pairing a pulse rate monitor on the app. There’s a description of how you can use each app feature.

IWOC ONE Controller Walkthrough

Just about the most typical questions we get about our Ebikemotion equipped bikes is exactly what every color indicates in the IWOC ONE controller. The IWOC ONE ebike app controller found on e road bikes such as the Orbea Gain, the Pinarello Dyodo, as well as the upcoming Colnago E64 eschews a complete screen for one button with colors which signify battery life, pedal help levels, and much more.

This article shows you exactly how to make use of the controller to get the best from the bike. What other colors may mean, and ways to use the IWOC ONE to make use of your e road bike to it is fullest are several of the subject areas covered.
You are able to set up your bicycle as well as ebikemotion companion app.

First things first: flip on your bicycle, and also ensure the Bluetooth on your cell phone is on. The Ebikemotion app can be obtained for download on the Apple App Store or maybe the Google Play Store. It’s suggested you make use of an iPhone 4S or perhaps newer, in addition to a more recent model of the phone’s operating system. For a smooth experience, we suggest an newer phone such as the iPhone 5S or perhaps newer.

You will receive a login screen when you make use of it for the very first time. If you register making use of your email address or maybe Facebook account, you will be permitted into the app. The 3 lines on the top left expose your menu, that includes: Monitor, download maps, activities, last position, common destinations, navigation, Start Activity, and settings.


The primary display of the app is the computer monitor display, that shows battery life, motor RPM, speed, as well as your battery life. You are able to change between the map and also pace displays by pressing the correct and left buttons in the identical time. To transition between battery watt hours remain on the electric battery along with the weather forecast, you have to clean top to bottom.

Begin Activity:

The app’s menu drawer has Start Activity along with the complete menu. In order to start it, tap the 3 horizontal bars on the best left to start it, after which tap anyplace outside the selection to shut it. Start Activity tracks along with logs your riding information like Strava. This may be saved post ride in the app and uploaded to Strava.

There’s a navigation:

A four per year subscription is necessary for utilizing the navigation or perhaps maps. You will find 8 total maps along with one complete state with this particular subscription. This particular program is subscription based and also requires renewal annually. First-time users get 5 maps for 3 months. Consider it to be a built in Google Maps.

The system combines well, although the Google Maps bike route mapping software or maybe the application found a cycling computer is often more effective.