Certain types of goods require extra support from the packaging in which they are packed. The box is not only designed to support the product, but to also provide an aesthetic look and feel is added to it too. The best solution for packaging for these items lies in “Rigid boxes.’

These boxes are used to package a selection of items, i.e., board games, luxurious products and other gifts. However, they can also be used to pack various other items. The Rigid box is sturdy paper box that has a greater density because of an internal stacking process of chipboard. The inner structure is typically covered with various kinds of materials, such as wrapped leather, embellished wraps as well as fabric wraps.

Many people are curious what is the difference between different containers for packaging, i.e. Corrugated containers cardboard boxes, rigid boxes. The primary difference between these two boxes is that Rigid boxes are rigid packaging instead of flexible ones. The rigid boxes are unable to change its shape in the way you want as is the case with cardboard boxes and corrugated ones. The strong construction of rigid boxes enables it to have the highest durability and lower cost of assembly associated to flexible boxes for packaging.

Packaging boxes are designed to provide a distinctive feel and impression of the goods contained within rigid boxes, they also serve a specific reason. These boxes are geared towards creating a very elegant and luxurious experience to the product that is placed within. Other packaging options can’t fulfill the exact goal. The persona mentioned above is achieved by the luxury of material, the enticement of the contemporary style and captivating layers of exotic and textured papers.

Another interesting aspect of Rigid Boxes is that , stylistically they come in a variety of forms, from tube box and magnetic closure box and numerous others. We’ll look at various types of rigid boxes as well as their functions.

1 Rigid Boxes that are partially covered

Sometimes , when purchasing an item, customers want to see a preview of the item. This is a great way to increase the value of the product. This is why, in contrast to a completely covered rigid container, which may not offer the buyer any kind of glimpse of the product’s real-world appearance A partly coated Rigid Box just might do the trick.

The boxes come with windows in between composed of transparent film. The rigidity and strength of these windows are determined by the dimension that the windows are. It is also dependent on the type of product that is packed inside the box. If the window is bigger it is necessary for the film to be stronger and in reverse. Also, if a cosmetic or cosmetic item is contained inside the box, it must be a more robust film than when a high-end item is within, i.e., a candle.

2. Telescoping Rigid Boxes

Telescoping Rigid box are among of the most popular rigid boxes. There are a variety of Telescoping rigid boxes. They are:

2 piece telescoping rigid box
3 Piece Telescoping Rigid Box

A two-piece telescoping rigid container includes a base as well as an lid. The lid is typically larger in dimension over the base. The increased size of the lid makes it perfectly fit over the lower portion inside the container. These boxes can be utilized for a variety of different items such as electronic, clothing products, etc.

As previously mentioned, a variety of design elements distinguish rigid boxes from one another as well as 2-piece telescoping boxes are also available in a variety of designs. One of the most popular designs that is a two-piece telescoping boxes is the cylindrical telescoping rigid box. These boxes are utilized for many purposes, but one of the most popular is for packaging drinks and food products.

The three-piece telescoping rigid boxes comprise 3 components comprising the upper lid and the bottom piece and the inside piece, also referred to by the name of neck. The lid on the upper and lower part are of the same dimensions. This is the reason the interior part, or the neck, is employed. The neck serves to act as an adhesive for the two components since it is attached to the bottom and the base. These types of boxes are typically thought of as fashionable and stylish. They are utilized to protect items similar to those. For instance, 3-piece rigid boxes are used to protect costly gadgets, gifts and other items that have a high-end look and a glimmer of class.

3 Book Style Rigid Storage Boxes

Box Style’s rigid box’s enclosing is designed in it opens as if it were the pages of a book. A design like this with rigid containers is durable, robust and easy to carry. They also look very classy and when the packaging of a product that is elegantly designed is a concern, such as the simplest book or watch The Book style rigid boxes are the most suitable choice.

Box Style rigid boxes sport an enticingly distinctive and distinct appearance. Alongside its capacity to add a touch of class and sophistication to the item and also assist customers to enjoy the most enjoyable unpacking experience. A few customers may purchase the item to enjoy the experience when they unpack these beautiful, rigid boxes could provide.

In addition, due to the strength of the box and its stylish appearance, it can be utilized by clients in different ways and designs. Thus, these boxes are an incentive to purchase the product of a particular type for the customer. It is also evident from this that the use of packaging boxes is a significant factor in the decision-making process by consumers.

4 Foldable Magnetic Boxes

While Rigid boxes are not likely to be included in the category of “flexibility” however, the team that came up with the idea of The Legacy Printing still managed to develop an idea to allow even Rigid boxes adaptable. This is why the concept of ‘Foldable Magnetic Rigid Boxes that was proposed. These compact rigid boxes possess all the attributes of a rigid container, i.e. due to its strength and prestige feel, but the difference is its capability to fold.

The ability to fold is achieved by reducing the thickness of the clipboard inside rigid boxes. This allows the box to fold and also lets that the box still has gorgeously textured leather or paper wrapping on top. Some businesses, such as the one mentioned above has the lid made in a magnetic design. This kind of lid makes the process of unboxing a box very enjoyable and relaxing for customers. Its magnetic fold is capable of holding the items perfectly without fear of things inside the box being unsafe or being affected by pressure from outside.

5 Rigid Drawer Boxes

Rigid drawer boxes were designed to give customers a an enjoyable and relaxing packing experience. These boxes for rigid drawers are commonly used to pack items that are delicate and one-off. The rigid box is composed of two components:

The drawer
The sleeves

The drawer’s opening can be altered in any way the client requires. There are numerous choices to pick from. Some customers prefer a small ribbon or string at the bottom of the drawer that allows them to let it open or close. Some prefer a simple cut in the drawer’s closure end to manage openings.

Businesses use Rigid Drawer Boxes in order to create an attractive and unique look to the product once it’s displayed on the shelves. The drawer is usually designed to be partially opened and allows the buyer to walk right into the box and feel the effect of unpacking and the contents inside it. This is what increases the interest of customers in the item which increases the likelihood of purchasing the item.

6 Q/A Concerning Rigid Boxes

Some people might wonder what is it about old-fashioned printing that makes it stand out from other printing companies. The most important thing is their commitment to developing new and creative solutions for packaging. For instance, while it was not common to see Rigid packaging to be made with flexible forms however, the company thought of a way to make it a bit adaptable by mixing it up with other materials before settling on the most suitable material, i.e., magnet.

In addition, the company is able to provide various finishing touches to Rigid boxes that are purchased. The finishing touches can include a glossy to a matte finish or a leather-like touch to an exotic paper texture. Graphic designers can also help customers in determining the best possible color scheme for their drawer boxes or books-style rigid boxes.

In essence, the solutions don’t stop at the creation of the rigid container you want, however, the business is also attentive to how important it is for the box being in line to the specifications of the product and caters to customer requirements and requirements, in addition to being a marketing and branding aspect.