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Why including an architect as part of your build project is essential

We are often asked why a client should use an architect. The question should be, “What can an architect bring to your project?” The answer is in understanding what an architect does and how this brings value to you as a client through creativity and experience.Throughout the course of this blog, we provide you with all the information needed to answer the question of ‘why is an architect important?’
Highly qualified professionals

Only a handful of professions have a protected title, including the architect. The law protecting the title “architect” (Architects Act 1997) protects the use of this title. Only those who have completed rigorous training and are fully qualified may use it. To use the title, architects in the UK must register with the Architects Registration Board. Registered Architects can be found on the ARB’s site.

Architects can also register with the Royal Institute of British Architects. Information and links to their website are available for checking credentials.

To ensure integrity of the profession, architects must adhere to the Professional Code of Conduct. This will provide the public with an expectation of all who hold the title.

After years of hard work and study, architects have developed a set of technical skills that will allow us to be creative and practical.

What an architect does

It is crucial to understand the details of what architects do before you can answer the question “Do you need one?” The amount of time required to train and shape those skills into successful projects is a testament to the value that architects bring to a project. Z group covers all stages of the work, from conception through to completion. This is what we call the’stages’ of work. This includes the initial stages of creating a brief and/or a feasibility study, followed by the development of that brief and obtaining the required planning permissions. This can be followed by detailed construction design and specification, and then on to managing the project on site through contract administration. We are able to recommend technology integration and advice on fixtures and fittings.

These are only a few of the many tasks we take on. The place architects truly add value is when they use their diverse set of skills and tools. They address practical problems with creativity and expert knowledge.

Adding value. Architects can see the project holistically. They are the only people who can see it from conception to completion. An Architect can create a creative solution to your brief that is tailored to you and will understand how you live, work, and play. An Architect who is skilled and knowledgeable will help you understand the functionalities, identify possibilities and realize your goals for the project. They have the knowledge and skills to solve important problems. However, they also bring professionalism and imagination to the table which is where real value lies.

Guiding Light. The Architects can help you navigate the complex process of building regulations and planning permission. They can also help with budgeting, external consultants and any other important information that could affect the project. We will ensure your safety and enjoyment throughout the project.

We hope you found this blog helpful in explaining why an architect is important and what to do about it. Our team is available to answer any questions or provide guidance.