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What’s the difference between university halls and private halls in Leicester?

The university halls aren’t the only option for an undergraduate student. There is also the possibility of privately-run halls. Here’s what you should be aware of.

There are many things to be organized before heading to university and perhaps the most crucial decision that you’ll have to take is where you’ll live.

It could be that you are going away from your your home in the very first instance and the place you live will have a huge impact on the way you experience your life when you start your university time. You’ll want to live somewhere you’re comfortable and secure and also where you are able to work, make new acquaintances and immerse yourself in the university experience.

The majority of universities will attempt to locate residence halls for newly admitted students. But this isn’t the only possibility. If there’s no room that are available, or if you prefer to live in a different location, private halls can be a great alternative.

These halls have many of the advantages of halls at universities, without unexpected costs, for instance and comparable – or even better facilities.


The majority of university halls are located situated on campus or near the main buildings of the university. This way you’ll be at the center of everything starting from the first day.

Private halls are located a bit further away, and they are often in the center of the city or town in which you’re studying. This could be positive or negative for you. Some students prefer private halls due to their location, while others appreciate the sense of being outside the”bubble” of the university.

No matter what you choose is important to explore the area before figuring out how easy the lecture halls are… as well as also getting back home from a night out.


The halls at Uni are split into large flats with private bedrooms as well as shared kitchens on every floor. There are times when – especially with halls older than that – you’ll also share a bathroom.

A few people aren’t so at all about that particularly if you’re part of an intersex group or the bathrooms or showers isn’t as plentiful.

Bathrooms are offered in halls of uni, however in private halls, they’re available. Be aware, however there’s an extra cost to pay.

The cost of the item depends on your personal preferences.


The decision between university halls or private Leicester student studio could come from the facilities they the market. There are no two halls that are identical, however all of them will have an apartment, a bathroom, kitchen facilities, and utilities (gas electric, electric, etc.) and internet connectivity included in the cost. Things like WiFi, security system, cleaning, laundry and insurance can also be expected, but make sure to make sure to check.

If you’re willing pay a little more, there are halls which are university-run or private which provide food.

Luxury items like gyms, satellite TV and pools tables are usually found in private rooms. Wherever you go, be sure to verify whether you are required to obtain the TV license and if you’re allowed to have a TV in your space.

Social life

Although private rooms may be more modern and offer more amenities, the primary reason to choose a university residence is the social aspect.

Uni halls are typically full of freshers, and private halls are students from undergrads postgrads, international students, and postgrads who might be attending entirely different universities. There’s a social aspect of life in private halls, however they’re not specifically designed for having fun like the uni halls are during freshers week.


Private halls, which are operated to make money and typically include modern amenities and luxury like bathrooms with an ensuite are usually more expensive than traditional and more basic halls at universities.

It’s crucial to know the price you’re paying and the duration you’ll have the facility for.

In most private halls, there is no break-in clauses in the event that you wish to leave. You could be booked in the hall for a longer duration.