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What makes acoustic insulation different?

You’ve probably heard that acoustic insulation may be an excellent investment for businesses and homeowners alike. But what exactly is it? What makes it different from other insulation types? In this blog, we’ll try to answer these questions. Read on to learn the hidden benefits of SoundScreen insulation and how it may be ideal for your project, regardless of whether you’re an owner-builder or an contractor.What does acoustic insulation offer that is different?

Acoustic insulation absorbs sound and vibrations and creates the barrier between the origin of the noise and surrounding area. Sound absorption can reduce the sound that travels from one location to the next.

Acoustic insulation is usually composed of fibreglass that has more density in order to allow for the absorption of sound. High density refers to more fibre mass that means it is able of absorbing more sounds. When looking for different kinds of acoustic insulation will probably encounter two kinds:

CSR SoundScreen Insulation
High-Density Glasswool Batts

Acoustic insulation can be put in across a variety of locations such as:

Between the exterior and interior walls
Between floors of multi-level houses
In the ceiling

3 benefits of Acoustic insulation

#1: It gives greater privacy

The most notable benefit that sound insulation offers is the privacy aspect. It doesn’t matter if the home has a lot of people living there or you wish to block the sounds of the road that is busy outside Acoustic insulation is the best way to take. Acoustic insulation is also a good option for those creating a theatre in your home.

If the house is located situated in a crowded area for example, a city-central area that is exposed to a lot of traffic which can be damaging to the inhabitants’ sleep quality. Sound insulation is a great way to cut down on the noise can help to solve the issue immediately. Once the insulation is in place the residents will see that they sleep better throughout the night that is great for peace of mind and quality of life.

Another important aspect to consider is that you are able to pick and select which rooms you would like to be insulated with sound. As an example, if the home has a bedroom to the front of the home that faces a main road it is essential to ensure that acoustic insulation is installed in the room. Within the same home however, it’s not as essential to install sound insulation in the laundry room, for instance. This flexibility is an enormous advantage when it comes to determining the structure of insulation for a home.

#2 #3: It increases the value of the property or home

Sound insulation is a desirable feature for any home or property that you wish to own. It’s a point of sale that is easy to emphasize when putting your property on the market for sale as it attracts more attention for buyers.

This is particularly true for homes near major roads, railway stations or bustling streets. This is not surprising considering that these areas typically are noisy and have many vehicular and foot traffic that can be noisy without soundproofing.

Because of these reasons You may find that the value that acoustic insulation brings to your property or home may even generate a return on the initial investment you made in high-quality insulation.

3. It can’t take in sound

When we look at the phrase “acoustic insulation”, we might tend to concentrate on the earlier aspect of the term. But, the second is equally relevant. In all times, it’s acoustic insulation that can be an excellent insulation, too.

Apart from absorbing and trapping sound, acoustic insulation strengthens the home by securing tiny gaps which allow cold air to penetrate the interior. This can be beneficial in decreasing cooling and heating costs the same way the traditional thermal insulation can.

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