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Tips on How to Window Clean – by a Professional Salisbury Window Cleaner

Tools :

Good quality equipment is important with regards to cleaning your windows. You are able to find the majority of this stuff at your neighborhood hardware store, or perhaps at a window cleaning supply shop.

Allow me to share several of the things that you are going to find in my Salisbury window cleaning pail.

Preferably, it must be broad enough to support the squeegee and mop. This blue you are excellent for professionals, but a bit of over the top for householders.


There are large disparities in quality available, along with this’s most likely probably the most essential tool of all. So I suggest purchasing an excellent one, not just like the ones you get at petrol stations.

High quality squeegees will often come assembled from 3 pieces. The handle, the piece and also the channel of rubber backed by the channel. The window cleaners will often wear a specific rubber type and yes it may be turned over and exchanged when both sides are worn out.

Mop (also known as Washer” and Wand”)

This is available in 2 pieces: the plastic t bar and sleeve. You are able to clean the sleeve in the washing machine in case it becomes dirty, by getting rid of it out of the t- bar and also cleaning it. It is generally attached by Velcro or maybe buttons. 14 or maybe eighteen inches is a great length.

You are able to choose between 3 kinds of sleeves: Porcupine, that has small plastic bits all over it to assist scrub from the tough marks, and Scourer, that has a scouring strip on just one side. The water retention you are my absolute favorite. It is handy not to need to go back to the bucket a lot to dab much more water on it.

The handles could swivel or even be fixed. The swivel version is a great deal easier on the wrist and it is much better when utilizing a pole.
Scraper :

This particular equipment could be utilized to eliminate stubborn insect marks, or maybe paint, and it’s replaceable metal blades. For many maintenance tasks, a pocket scrapper of about 1 inch (as observed in the photograph above) works fine, though you’ll want to make use of the bigger three and six inch scrappers which can be connected to the conclusion of the pole, to scrape a lot more profoundly.

Start using scrapers with care when you’re on glass! You could wind up with irreversible damage if you do not know the appropriate methods. Below is a place to enable you to determine exactly how to accomplish this.

The most used soaps are’ Morning Fresh’and’ Palmolive’, though I hate to allow the cat out of the bag since there are therefore many window cleaners that guard their secret method, therefore I do not see any damage in not telling. You are able to discover all kinds of window cleaning detergents at any nearby cleaning supplies store, and for hardly any cash. I’ve experimented with most of them, though my favorite is Palmolive, and that is pretty mild on my hands and does an excellent job.
Many people recommend vinegar in hot water. The thing majority of people with this do is the fact that it does not sud up. The suds help lube the rubber as it covers the glass, which helps make it even easier to flip the squeegee. They are going to help you have the water on the glass more and it’ll be easier to eliminate some water marks.
As a situation of fact, suds likewise draw in grime and dirt since the bubbles themselves individual into smaller fragments which may be eliminated with a scrubbing sponge.
Things which are not in the bucket

This may be a well used towel (older is better as the fluff plus lint would have worn out). I usually have a microfiber cloth and a bath towel. Later, I’ ll explain just how to utilize them.

I carry a short one which extends. It’s shut 1.5m and opened 2.3m. This’s great for many windows, though you need to learn how to use it. I likewise have a four – section pole which is three storeys high, though it’s nearly impossible to clean up correctly at that length, two storeys is all about the cap for squeegees on a pole, including that’s challenging.

The extension ladder which reaches about 2.5 storeys isn’t advised for anybody not self-assured being at heights, as well as the 3 step ladder is incredibly beneficial.
Tool belt :

This lets you access your rags and scrapper from a handy put that even supports an edge bucket.
A Bucket-on-A-Belt

This’s truly only for the professionals. It’s only a little bucket you be around the waist with a belt, down just one leg. It is a good spot to keep your mop and squeegee which means you do not need to be worried about them dripping all around the place, and using them to go up the ladder, and even when you’re focusing on your roof.