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Should I Install Sliding Gates At Home?

Electric sliding gates can be an option to replace swing gates in cases where opening angles make installing swing gates challenging.

Sliding gates exchange vertical space with horizontal and require some space to be opened (minimised by Telescopic gates).

The way that electric sliding gates operate is quite simple They have an electric motor which opens a door that slides. The gate panel could be placed in a cantilever structure, or it could have wheels that run through a track in the ground, which is pulled by an gear system.

There are many benefits to the sliding gates of electric. These include the advantages over electric swing gates as well as manual gates. We’ll take a look at these benefits so that you can determine whether the electric gates for swings are the right choice for you.

Maximise driveway space

Electric gates occupy less space than swing gates. They can be opened and let you make full usage of your driveway.

This design is space-saving, making electronic sliding gates the perfect option for smaller spaces. Parking up, and your gate will shut behind you. Easy.

It is suitable for all types of spaces.

Electric gates that slide require side opening space (the gate must move somewhere). The space you require extends the entire length of the gate and a bit more.

There is a solution that is compact sliding gates that have panels which stack one on top of one. They are referred to as Telescopic gates.

Suitable for most budgets

While electronic sliding gates can be more costly than standard gates but there’s a variety of options that can be used for budget-conscious customers.

The most affordable gates that slide are those with wheels that are along a track that is that is buried in the ground. A motor that has gear wheels move the gate.

If you don’t need tracks on the ground it is best to choose a sliding gate. But, they are more costly and take up more space.

Set an alarm

Are you looking for your electric sliding gate to be in operation after you get home from work? You can create a timer and put it off.

Timers are best used at evening because they will ensure that you do not leave your gate unlocked accidentally. This improves security.

Remote operation

The electric sliding gate operates with remote control. All you have to do is hit ‘open the remote then the gate should be opened for you.

Some electronic gates shut automatically after just a few seconds, whereas others require you close the gate using a remote.

What happens if you lose the remote? The gate will be equipped with an electronic keypad.

Entry and exit for automated systems.

There are automatic gates sliding down that will automatically will open when they recognize your vehicle’s presence, which means you do not need the remote.

Ground loops are the most common system for exit reasons. A ground loop is set underneath the driveway. It is able to detect whether there is a car on top of it.

Another option for automatic exit is using infrared sensors. They open the gate once vehicles are detected as moving toward the gate.

The systems can be set to shut off at certain hours. We can also alter the sensitivity, so that a pet, dog, or person isn’t triggering the gate.

Enhance the security of your home

In terms of security, the design used in electronic sliding gates is strong. It is a significant effort.

We offer sliding gates made of composite. Composite (also called GRP or glass-reinforced polymer) is extremely durable and durable. We make use of stainless steel components as well as heavy-duty locks, fixings, and running gear that are rated according as per British Standards.

Clean aesthetics

Sliding gates look cleaner and more attractive than swing gates. They are open on both sides, and there are no hinges and the gate is only moved towards one side.

We sell sliding gates available in various colors and finishes. You can match the colour of your gate to the color of your home, or select other options.

All in all

Your driveway could force the need to install the sliding gates. Sometimes, they’re your only alternative.

If you decide to choose between electric swing gates, the choice is based on what you like about the design. The sliding gates look better than swing gates, however the fact that they look superior is dependent on personal preference.