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Locksmith Misconceptions

Finding a professional Durham locksmith is crucial if you have lost your keys, locked yourself out, or need to change locks. In emergency situations, rash decisions can be made. This is because urgency overrides all other considerations. It may sound like this isn’t a problem since most locksmiths are exactly the same. This is a myth that must be debunked. It is not easy to find the right locksmith for your job. Price ranges can also be very different with locksmiths charging as high as three times what others for the same job.
These myths often lead to misinformation regarding locksmiths

1. Locksmiths make it easy to pick locks

Some locks can be picked easily and any competent locksmith should not have any trouble opening them. Some locks can be difficult to pick and locksmiths don’t have all the skills necessary. There are many different locking mechanisms out there, and more locks are being made every day. This can be difficult to master and take many hours of practice.

Unfortunately, some locksmiths don’t want to take the time to do this properly and will instead grab the drill and quickly remove the old lock and replace it. This will be more expensive than hiring a skilled locksmith to open the original lock. This could also cause damage to your door. Finding a locksmith that is skilled in non-destructive entry is often well worth the effort.

2. Locksmith charges are about the same

It isn’t true! A lot of national locksmiths will charge many times what a small locksmith would charge. Some locksmiths charge by the hour, while others have a more complex charging structure. This can be misleading as you may not be able to know the exact cost of a job until it is completed. A professional locksmith will be able give you an accurate estimate of the job after just talking with you on the phone. Some locksmiths also add hidden charges for weekend work or calling out.

3. All locksmiths are guaranteed to do a good job.

Many people believe that locksmiths can fit only high-quality parts and that they have passed rigorous testing. However, this is not always true. In an effort to save money, locksmiths will often install very low quality locks that were purchased on e-bay. These locks can fail and you will need to try to get the original locksmith to fix them. However, a professional locksmith will always install locks made to meet the security standards. The British Standard Kite Mark will be displayed on the packaging as well as the lock. This lock will typically come with a one-year guarantee. However, locks like this are likely to be in good condition for much longer.

It is easy to see how falling for any of these 3 myths could result in you being charged. If you’re looking for a locksmith fast, be sure to ask about their fees including any extras and get at least two quotes. You should also take the time to review their work on sites like Yell, Google, and Facebook.