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Impact Doors vs. Average Doors

People are switching to impact doors instead of their standard, “builder-standard” entry doors. Why should you make the switch to impact doors instead? It doesn’t appear that there is anything wrong with the door you have.
Normal conditions would indicate that this is the case. But how can you be sure that your door will hold up to the impacts of Southwest Florida’s unpredictable weather conditions? We will discuss the reasons impact doors are the best option.

What is the difference between them?

An entry door generally consists of two steel facings (skins), as well as an insulating filleder. A lot of entry doors have a solid wood block to attach the lock and handle. The standard door frames are either made from wood or aluminum. Although this is a safe construction, people who live in areas where they may be affected by tropical storms or hurricanes (like Southwest Florida), should consider higher levels of protection. The intense winds and swirling winds that accompany hurricanes will test any standard door.

Impact doors, however, are made from materials that have been tested and approved for enduring the most severe weather conditions. Impact doors are composed of thick fiberglass skins with wood reinforcements and composite reinforcements. These impact doors also include specialized polyurethane foam centers that provide better protection in case of storms. The door won’t move under any circumstances thanks to reinforced hinges and a beefed-up frame.

What can an impact door handle?

We provide doors that are able to pass all wind and impact tests. They also conform to strict Florida building codes. CGI and ThermaTru tested their impact doors at 35mph with the worst case scenario in mind. This involved launching a 9lb, 2×4 building stake at the door. A door that is not built for construction cannot keep projectiles away.

What would happen to your home if it was flooded?

A hurricane impact can cause damage to your home if you have a garage or door that is broken. The high winds, rain, and other debris that can enter your home can damage walls, furniture, and even cause your roof to fall off. Your home can be saved by closing its doors securely so that it is still standing after the storm passes.
Are impact doors safer against home invasion?

Criminals usually gain access to houses by forcing open or breaking doors, or by breaking decorative glass that is too close to the handle to allow them to open.

An impact door is designed to resist heavy blows, and keep it in place even when heavy objects are thrown at it. The decorative glass insets of impact rated doors are made from specialty glass, which can also withstand a lot of impact without breaking. Impact doors offer protection from intruders and storm damage, making them the best choice.
Do impact doors offer other benefits?

Florida law provides that insurance companies must offer discounts and incentives for those who install windstorm mitigation equipment. This includes impact rated windows and doors. After you upgrade, make sure to notify your insurance agent.

Do you want to make your front door an impact door instead? We offer a variety of styles, colors and decorative glass options. For more information, contact us today!