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How To Make Your House Move in Redhill Eco Friendly

Everyone has their own good intentions but I know what you’re thinking “moving your home can be stressful enough, and now I have to make sure it’s eco-friendly moving! ?” Well, if I were to suggest that making your house move more sustainable could improve the efficiency of your move and save money, would you be more inclined? Now , you’re hearing. You may not be aware that certain practices you’ve adopted for moving aren’t sustainable, and are inefficient. This is why I’ve provided these tips to ensure that you can not only make an environmentally friendly move, but also increase efficiency and save money.

Reduce Your Use for Eco-Friendly Moving

The first step towards making a long-lasting house move is to decrease the amount of stuff you’re planning to move. While it might be a bit scary to say goodbye to the most beloved items, I assure you that the process can be rewarding in numerous ways.

By reducing the dimensions of your move you’re reducing the weight that the item is carrying. This means that smaller loads could require a smaller van and a move that is lighter requires less fuel to transport. This could drastically reduce the emissions produced in transit. Also, in the event that you didn’t figure it out the answer, a smaller size move implies a less expensive move!

The next question is crucial. What do you make of all those things you chose not to pack? If you are trying to find the bin bag, STOP! There are plenty of alternative options that are more efficient and greener rather than throwing everything in the trash.

Garage sale

It is possible to help reduce the expense of moving by selling your used furniture to your local community, or family and friends. This could lead to an increased “circular economy” and cut down on the number of new items consumers purchase. Be sure to purchase new furniture from secondhand stores near your destination to continue your dedication to creating a circular economy. This will cut down on the amount that waste is produced in the society, and could even reduce your expenses! Eco-friendly moving is a win-win

Donate to charities

If you have the money one, another option to get rid of furniture that isn’t needed is to give it away. Small items can be dropped off at shops for charity, such as Oxfam. If you’re trying to maximise your sustainability impact You could also donate the proceeds from furniture sales to a green charity like ClientEarth.

Donate Food

The UK has a habit of throwing away 4.5 tonnes of food each year! That’s an incredible amount of waste. Instead of throwing food waste away when moving house we encourage you to be creative. Try new recipes that incorporate ingredients from the most deep shelves of your kitchen. I am sure that the Heinz Tomato soup has been stored away in the back of your cabinet for months, and you weren’t planning to eat it right now however, throwing it away isn’t the most sustainable solution! After you’ve eaten all that you can, and have just one or two sachets worth of Fajita Mix and tins tuna, it’s not the best time to put it in to put it in the garbage! You can give food to food banks and bring food to the table to those who are who are in need.

Pack Smart

Ugh, packing. Everyone hates packing, but do you know what? You’ve already cut down on the amount of stuff you’ll have to carry by selling and donating unessential things (bet you’re proud of your past self today!). Now your packing process will be much quicker! Furthermore, you’ll also use less packing materials and generate less waste!

Sustainable Boxes

The initial step in packing is to locate boxes. There are various ways to get boxes an environmentally sustainable manner.

It is possible to ask your local supermarket to loan the leftover delivery boxes. There are a lot of boxes which would otherwise be discarded. Make them useful and reuse them!
Rent reusable packing crates. Companies such as CrateHireUK provide services that permit you to rent plastic boxes to pack your belongings. Then, once you have moved, you just take them back and they could be reused for to use for someone else’s move. These types of services can greatly reduce the amount of waste and the single-use of materials.

Want to know more about a Sustainable Move

If you are concerned to protect the natural environment, you’ll enjoy learning more about ways to make your removal viable. Simply click here to continue studying!

Explore the possibilities of eco-friendly moving with Eco-Friendly!

Pack creatively to further reduce consumption and optimize space! We’ve all seen incredible “packing tricks” on the internet Have a good time and give them a go! Optimize your space by putting small objects into larger hollow objects (like the drawers of a saucepan, a drawer or shoes). Do you have delicate items? Do not rush out to purchase items like bubble wrap or wool to pad your boxes. Instead, use the clothes you already have or towels to adequately pad your boxes. Think outside the box (ha!) and think about optimizing your space for less waste!

Bio-degradable Bubblewrap

Bubble wrap isn’t an eco-friendly mover’s best friend. It is a single-use plastic which is commonly used in excess during the process of moving. A lot of items that you believe require bubble wrap could be protected by a few padded layers of clothing. Therefore, reserve your bubble wrap only for items that are extremely delicate. If you require bubble wrap, opt for green “bio-degradable” bubble wrap. This particular wrap is just as effective and has the benefit of being degraded much faster than ordinary bubble wrap. This helps reduce your carbon footprint!

Green Cleaning

Once you are all packed up, you’ll need to wash the house from top to the bottom. The stains you didn’t know existed have suddenly surfaced and you are rushing to the shop to buy your preferred cleaning products. But, did you consider the impact that the production of these products had on the environment? A lot of the components are made from non-sustainable sources and the process can release harmful chemical airborne fumes. When you are shopping, you should consider purchasing “green cleansers”. They are usually sourced in a sustainable manner and leave less carbon footprint than their mainstream counterparts.

Choose a Redhill removal company that is environmentally friendly.

After all your sustainable efforts it’s only fitting that you take the time to pick an eco-friendly moving firm! Look to see whether the company you choose has any initiatives to protect the environment or has a foundation. Do some further research and find companies that have the following ISO certifications:

Make use of technology, whenever it is possible to interact with moving companies remotely. For example, you could conduct a moving survey via video calls. This will spare movers the hassle of driving to accomplish a task which can be easily completed on the internet!

Are you ready to make an eco-friendly choice?

I’m hoping that you now not only realize the benefits of doing a more sustainable move but you are also inspired too. The core of it moving your home sustainably involves being innovative and getting more done with less. Therefore, consider this as an exciting opportunity or project when you next move!