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How to choose the right double glazing for your Glasgow home

As the name implies, double glazed windows are made up of two layers of glass. They are divided by space which can contain an inert gas or it may be left as an empty space. While double glazing Glasgow was initially designed to improve insulation for houses, it has much more to offer. In this article, we will explore the many benefits that double glazing offers and why your doors and windows should be double-glazed.

1. Better Insulation

As we’ve mentioned previously the development of double glazing was to offer better insulation as compared to traditional glazing. Double-glazed windows are more protection, which reduces the transfer of heat from your house to the cold outer air. So, your home is better positioned to keep all the heat that is generated by the sun during the day. In summer, which is a hot time windows are able to keep the scorching heat from outside. The superior insulation provided by double-glazed windows will ensure that you are able to enjoy cooler winters as well as warmer summers.

2. Noise Reduction

Have you ever been in a place that had windows that seemed to let the slightest sound through? With double glazing, you do not have to be concerned about the sound. They are more insulated from noise than single glazing. They are ideal when you live in a noisy neighborhood or are near an airport. With double glazing, your house will provide a tranquil and serene environment from the loud and busy world outside. Also windows block any noise coming from your home within. This keeps your conversations within the home. You can also comfortably put the music on and enjoy without disturbing your neighbors.

3. Increased Security

Double glazed windows are tougher to break than single glazed windows. It’s also a challenge to force them to open from outside. This makes it much more difficult for burglars your house. Additionally, you can increase your security by selecting toughened or laminated glass. The installation of these windows will allow you to relax knowing that nobody can break into your home easily.

4. Reductions in Energy Bills

Double glazing permits your home to keep the majority of the heat that it receives from the sun in the daytime. It also means you have to turn on the heater far less often during the winter times. In the summer heat, the cooler house means you do not need to turn on the air conditioner very often. This translates to much reduced energy bills and consumption.

5. The value of a property has increased

As you can see, installing double glazing makes your home more comfortable and pleasant to live in. This makes the home more attractive to prospective buyers than a home that has windows with just one glaze. If you find you ever have to sell your home you are assured of negotiating a higher price than if you had single glazing.

6. Reduction of Interior damage

As you may have noticed, your possessions particularly ones that are near windows and doors are impacted by the sun’s rays. The UV rays in sunlight can cause irreparable damage to furniture, decor and carpets. Double glazing provides reduces how much UV radiation that gets into the house. The insulation that is provided through double glazing guarantees that furniture and your interior decor won’t suffer as much damage from the great temperatures fluctuations. It is possible to increase the amount of protection against ultraviolet light by putting on a UV window film.

7. It’s eco-friendly

The last century has seen the most incredible growth and development on the planet. This growth has been fuelled by fossil fuels and their effect upon the earth has been profound. It is vital that we find ways to decrease our impact on the environment. Double glazing helps reduce energy consumption and therefore is much better for the environment.

8. Little Condensation

Do you ever look out your windows and observe water droplets? The droplets appear due to the fact that windows are cooler than air inside the house. The result is that the moisture on the window panes to condense. The temperature inside the window pane is closer to the temperature of the air in the house, which is this prevents condensation. Although it might not appear like a big deal, it has serious consequences. Droplets of water could cause mildew, mould which could cause health problems. In addition, the humidity can cause the window frames made of wood to rot. The lower levels of condensation can help to avoid costly repairs and maintenance caused from water-related damage.

9. Easy Maintenance

Many people believe that double glazing leads to problems in cleaning and maintaining your windows. It’s an illusion. Be sure to clean the windows on a regular basis because dust accumulation could cause discoloration. Remove the condensation to avoid the possibility of rotting frames of windows. Also, avoid using any abrasive method of cleaning. Make this a priority and you can be assured that the double-glazed windows will last for many years. Manufacturers today equip their windows with easy-clean technology that is not just easy to clean, but also breaks down dirt. This way you can always be proud of your clean and shiny windows.

10. Aesthetics

Double glazing is a fantastic way of increasing the appearance of your home. Nowadays, all architectural designs can be fitted with double-glazed windows without changing the appearance and feel of the house. If you hire an experienced and skilled contractor to install your double-glazed windows, you can be sure of a great look.

It is clear that the benefits that double-glazing offers are enormous. The house will not only have a great insulation that keeps it cozy all year however, you will also benefit from better sound insulation, security and less damages from UV rays and heat. In addition you’ll be able to rest in the knowledge that you are decreasing your carbon footprint and therefore contributing to worldwide conservation efforts for the environment. Although it is a bit expensive compared to single-glazing, it does pay its own way in terms of the reduced energy bills and the value it brings to your house.

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