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How A Scaffold Tower Can Benefit You

For certain tasks that require a ladder, a standard ladder will not do the trick regardless of whether it’s made of aluminum wood, fibreglass, or timber. Most of the time, these kinds of jobs fall within the area of plastering, rendering window fitting, and heavy-duty construction such as roofing and bricklaying. However, erecting a permanent scaffolding – like those commonly used on construction sites is also a lot of work and time-consuming. These are the scenarios in which mobile scaffolding towers are able to really excel. In this week’s article we’ll be looking at four of the reasons!

1. They’re quick and easy to put together

Scaffold towers tend to be made by one person. This is why, even for sole tradespeople and commercial traders, they’re an option to less heavy forms of the equipment (like ladders for instance!). Even the most massive towers – ones that extend over 30 feet – are usually assembled by one person within a couple of hours. As opposed to the construction of more permanent scaffolding, there’s not any need for specialized training and they come with comprehensive set of directions to reduce the amount of effort and time required for putting them together while ensuring security.

2. They’re extremely versatile

There are many jobs which require greater stability – or a larger working area more than a regular ladder can offer, but they aren’t appropriate for scaffolding that is more permanent. For these kinds of tasks mobile scaffolding towers are an excellent middle ground. They are simple and quick to install while offering an extra sturdy working surface. Some are also suited for use on uneven ground which is a great advantage if you’re unable to make a site inspection prior to the time, and aren’t certain of the state the ground is currently in.

3. They’re easy to carry and lightweight.

Scaffold towers are renownedly light and their absence in galvanized steel poles ensures they’re able to be carried by commercial vehicles of all sizes. The owner of the tower can be much more flexible to adapt to the demands of jobs. In situations where traditional ladders are inadequate for the task however permanent scaffolding could take too long to put up the scaffold tower are perfect for the urgent needs of the day.

4. They’re extremely durable due to non-corrosive substances

The majority of mobile scaffolding towers rely heavily on aluminium parts which is a non-ferrous metal that is non-corrosive and therefore extremely robust. This makes them an excellent investment for commercial tradesmen with a significant life before they need to be replaced. (Obviously the exact length depends on how often and heavily they’re utilized!) But, if they’re properly maintained and regularly checked by a trained expert, you can count on the standard portable scaffolding towers to give you many years of reliable service until it’s unsafe to use.