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Are window shutters child and pet friendly?

Shutters are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK. The shutters we offer ooze sophistication and simply look stunning, but they also offer numerous unique advantages. Let’s take a look at seven of the many reasons our customers opt for shutters.

1. Shutters are timeless and stylish.

Window shutters are an iconic option that will never go out of fashion. If you’re looking to create modern, sleek look or match your period-inspired features to create traditional designs shutters can be adjusted to fit any interior, windows and properties. Shutters don’t just improve the interior look of your windows but also appear stunning on the outside too, and align with your windows to perfection.

2. Child-safe option

Shutters are the ideal choice for nurseries and rooms for children. In contrast to conventional blinds, these have no chains or cords which can pose a hazard for children. Our window shutters installation are also distinctive in that they can be equipped with a lock which come with removable keys, to prevent children from being able to access and open windows behind.

3. Reduce outside noise with shutters

You simply can’t beat a good night’s sleep And London can be a bit noisy, but it’s not always the most quiet of cities! Shutters have been proven to work as an natural sound barrier, and the materials we use are never hollow therefore you can be sure you’re getting the most effective and high-quality shutters. Shutters made of solid wood are a popular option for those looking for the most effective solution for reducing outside noise.

4. Excellent for those with allergies.

In the case of other window dressings, such as curtains or roller blinds, dust gets caught in the fabric, that can lead to allergies. Cleaning curtains can be expensive and time-consuming in cleaning them out of windows, as well as dry cleaning costs. Some blinds made of fabric cannot be thoroughly cleaned and come with numerous cords and tricky corners that also collect dust. Shutters are perfect as they are easy to keep clean, preventing an accumulation of allergens as well as dust mites.

5. Shutters are easy to maintain

Shutters can be cleaned easily by using an attachment for a brush on the vacuum cleaner or using a feather duster or microfibre cloth. Plastic or MDF shutters have a surface that is easy to wipe clean, which are popular for playrooms, hotel rooms and rental properties where continuous cleaning is required.

6. Insulate your home

The shutters themselves are an excellent insulator. They help retain heat in the winter months , keeping your home warmer and energy costs down. According to the BBC News recently reported that “The Edinburgh World Heritage Trust is using thermal imaging cameras to show residents the best way to reduce their energy bills. Windows that have shutters shut appear on the pictures in a deep blue hue and show that there isn’t much heat going out”. They go on to say “…they could be just as efficient as double-glazing.”. In addition, shutters assist in reducing our carbon footprint but are a huge investment helping to lower your energy bills!

7. Control of light and privacy

Shutters let you fully reveal windows simply by closing the shutter panels. In contrast for total privacy, you can fully close the panels and louvres to completely block out. The distinctiveness of the shutters’ louvres makes them extremely useful. They can be fully open for maximum sunlight while providing a certain degree of privacy. They can be fully adjustable, which means they can be altered at different time in the course of the day.