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4 Considerations of Temporary Fencing

If you’re working on a construction location or construction site that requires quick-to-medium-term security temporary fencing is a good alternative. It’s quickly erected, and ensures your site is secure for as long as is needed and then is quickly removed once it’s no more needed. However, not every temporary fence is made equal, which is why it’s essential to be aware of what to be looking for when selecting the best temporary fence for your project. In this article we’ll guide you to select the appropriate fencing for your specific project.

1. Heavy bases

Permanent fencing is held by foundations that are strong and durable, placed into the soil. However temporary fencing requires less basing, which means it is able to be removed in the future.

If you are searching for temporary fencing, be sure that it is built with the most robust base. This makes it difficult for thieves to break into the fencing to enter and also makes your fence resistant to extreme conditions in the weather.

2. Sturdy material

You’ve probably seen temporary fencing that is used in cities and towns to make barriers. But, it’s not high-quality enough for construction sites that require security.

Choose instead to purchase temporary fencing made of durable materials like timber or metal. These durable materials are stronger and more durable when you’re planning require temporary fencing for a prolonged duration.

3. Stable structure

If you’re looking to add security for your premises the mesh fencing generally a great option. It is a safer structure that is able to disperse the force generated by impacts, making it difficult for criminals to take them down.

It is also hard and takes a lot of time to cut, and criminals are often discouraged by the amount of amount of time needed to gain access.

Timber is a different sturdy construction that is strong and withstands vandalism. It’s also very difficult to tear down and keeps both your home and the general public protected.

4. Branding

If your temporary fence will be erected on a construction site, make use of it as an opportunity to advertise your company or brand. The fencing we provide is able to be decorated in your company’s colors to make it appear more professional, and also act like a billboard once it’s being put up.

This is far more effective than plain fencing and provides more value for money.