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Understand How To Sell A Car

Are you looking you can sell your vehicle quickly and hassle-free? Here at Best Car Buyer, you can sell your car for cash and receive a great offer from our national dealer network that is vetted however, there are certain factors to take into consideration before diving into selling your vehicle…

Find out about the Best Car Buyer’s essential tips for selling your car online as well as tips and tricks last updated in 2023. Here are our top 10 tricks to ensure you have the fastest car sales and the highest possible price.

1. Understanding your car’s value

We all love our cars, and a lot of us think ours is ‘special’. The reality is that the car’s value is determined by the value of cars and are a commodity like anything else.

The value of the vehicle is determined by variables like mileage, age (the most precise indicator of wear and wear) as well as the condition and the history of service – however, market prices are the primary driver.

What’s your vehicle actually worth? It’s worth trying several routes to find out for certain

2. Where to value your car

Knowing your car’s value is easier and faster than ever. If you want an estimate from a professional dealer, we recommend valuing the car using Best Car Buyer, to find an estimate of the price to sell your car through our nationwide network of verified dealers.

In the event of a deeper dive, Auto Trader and eBay are both useful for private sale price indications and WeBuyAnyCar and their alternatives for instant valuations for buying.

Remember that the value of your property will vary greatly based on the buyer and the reason for it.

Best Car Buyer’s estimates are based on activity in our national used car marketplace.

3. Choose what is most important to you.

Think about how much care about speed, convenience and the final sale price.

If you have the resources in the world to get the best price possible or sell your product privately on a classified listing or auction site (such as eBay) could be your most efficient option. However, you need to wait for a acceptable offer to be made and you may have to show the car to several prospective buyers, with zero certainty of success.

Best Car Buyer meanwhile works through a network of vetted dealers who can help you get the highest price from a professional purchaser. It’s simple, quick and offers significantly more than part exchange.

If you’re looking to sell your car fast and are willing to give up a little on the final cost to avoid the hassle, then you can always just opt for an instant car purchase site , or even exchange the car for a new one at a dealership. It’s all about considering your options.

4. Pick your selling route wisely

If you’re planning to sell privately, you could be able to get the top end of what you’re seeking, however, there’s no guarantee that the sale will take place. Also, you’ll need to deal with potential buyers who come to your home, as well as the constant bartering and administrative tasks this could result in.

Best Car Buyer negates all the requirement to have private individuals on your doorstep and connects you with a dealer that will pay the highest amount. It’s also quick and convenient.

When you buy a car online through an online site, if your vehicle is well-described you can be assured of sales and cash can be in your bank account within 24 hours if you book the sale for the next day.

5. Get car selling deals online

If you choose you’d like to trade in your automobile on the internet Be sure you’re well-informed and consider your options before making an investment.

Although there are now a variety of huge instant online buyers including WeBuyAnyCar as well as The Car Buying Group – there are considerable distinctions between these platforms. It is worth researching and comparing them in comparison to selling through Best Car Buyer, part exchanging and selling privately.

6. Start your motor

Make sure your car looks as nice as possible to prevent potential buyers from making a move at the last minute. It’s important to wash your car and cleaned inside and outside on the day of your sale and take care to fix any minor flaws (e.g. fixing small scratches and dents).

7. Prepare to negotiate if needed

Meet with your prospective buyer armed with the information you have gathered about your vehicle is worth. It’s possible that it won’t work, but don’t be afraid to argue back if the buyer is trying to lower the price upon inspection of the car. It’s unlikely to happen when you sell your car with Best Car Buyer, but some buyers might look to reduce your offer on the day of sale.

Keep in mind that nothing is completed until cash for your vehicle is in your account in the bank and your vehicle is being sold.

8. Never accept cheques, IOUs, bankers drafts or bankers’ drafts.

Do not hand over the keys until you’ve been paid for the vehicle. That goes for private buyers (who may try to pay using a cheque or promise to transfer money in the future), and car dealers or buyers of cars.

Any reputable buyer will understand they must be paid in advance before they can own the car – either by BACS/bank transfer or cash on collection if selling privately. If they are unable to electronically confirm the transfer of funds or received, they must be able to give you evidence that the transfer has been completed, in the form of a receipt, or digital transaction statement. Always ask for this if they don’t provide it.

9. Checklist to sell your car

It is essential to have key items to complete an auto sale without losing any value because of missing keys and paperwork.

Make sure you locate all the keys to your vehicle (including any spares) along with your V5 paperwork (you’ll be required to give your “new owner” section), plus the MOT and service history. If you’re not carrying any of theseitems, the buyer will be able to lower the price they offer.

10. Receive your money back after the sale

As well as the rest in the V5 form back to the DVLA, make sure you cancel your car insurance and then claim back your road tax.

Many people don’t realise you are able to claim any road tax for the rest of the year after you’ve sold your motor.