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Considerations of a Van Security Lock

Unfortunately, in recent months we’ve witnessed an unprecedented increase in number of vans targeted and damaged.

A portion of the apparent rise could be due to the fact that more people are reporting the crimes on social media sites however, it is evident that no matter how much car makers strive to improve their security features, thieves are more inventive at evading them.

In order to provide greater security, there’s several aftermarket items which can be used to safeguard your car and possessions from being stolen. This is crucial because while your van could be insured however the equipment and other items inside will not be. This could cause a lot of inconvenience and cost to your business or yourself.

What are the different kinds of locks for van available and what is the most effective type of security that I can get for my car? This article will guide you through ways to ensure your vehicle is secure with the best protection against theft and vandalism, so you can leave your vehicle unattended and not worrying about it.


There are many vulnerable points on vans that are known to allow an easy and quick access to your vehicle when you are aware of what you’re doing and know how to bypass the security procedures.

A few of them are the door’s handle, where burglars make holes to get into the cable for releasing doors. A product specifically designed to prevent this kind of attack is Armaplate that is a specifically designed stainless steel plate, which is bolted onto the door to guard the vulnerable areas. The Armaplate is very visible and can certainly serve as an effective deterrent to criminals who normally get access to the door using this technique.

Armaplate guards the vehicle by covering the vulnerable region that is believed to be in the vicinity of the handle and lock of the door and handle, creating a strong protection. Together with an additional steel plate inside of the door , and the door’s skin itself the three-steel barrier that makes it difficult for thieves to gain access to the contents inside your van. The benefit of this type of security is that there is there is no need for a key and the driver of the van is able to function just as usual.

One of the main benefits of the Armaplate is that it prevents any damage to your property that is costly by someone trying to gain access.

It is crucial to remember that Armaplate isn’t available for every model of van and door, therefore it is advised to do some research prior to buying.

Other methods of van protection:

In addition to additional locks and security plates there’s also guards that protect wiring looms where they are accessible. These are sometimes used to lock the vehicle, and thus stopping access to the wiring loom is a huge advantage.

Catalytic convertors can also be an area of concern for criminals, since they are made up of many precious metals and components. While it’s become harder to sell them on to scrap dealers however, thieves continue to target them. There is the catalytic converter lock that protects the CAT, and comes with steel cables that secure them to vans to deter theft.

Ford Replacement Barrel:

The currently Ford Transit along with the Transit Custom ranges have been hit from attacks on the barrels of the door locks for the driver especially since the ease of getting into these models was demonstrated by numerous videos posted that were shared via social networks. Thus, a replacement barrel was created to protect against this kind of attack and include an ‘anti-pick’ lock that increases security even more.

Electronic security systems:

Modern automobile electronic systems are getting more sophisticated to improve user convenience. We are seeing new technologies like keyless entry appearing. Unfortunately, techniques used by thieves to gain entry or steal the vehicle are evolving along with these.

To counter this you can use a variety of electronic solutions that are available. These include motion sensors that can connect to your phone, as well as CCTV systems that can record from multiple cameras and on-board diagnostic systems protectors.

Recently there has been an increase in thieves gaining access to vans by connecting to the on-board diagnostic port using laptops to obtain the required codes to obtain an uncopied key. They then come back to their vehicle a moment in the future and drive away. One instance showed that the vehicle was entered while the owner paid for fuel to get the code, and then drove home, then returned just a few days later with a functioning key. Therefore, electronic companies have developed a system that stops this from occurring.

With new and innovative ways of stealing or breaking into vehicles, there is a constant development towards ways to stop them . Which method is more effective will usually come down to personal preference.

A lot of the items available concentrate on a particular vulnerability on the vehicle, however very they do not offer complete protection. Deadlocks as the most effective way to stop your belongings, tools and even your livelihood from being taken from you.