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What to consider when hiring a wedding band in Singapore

Your guests and you will always remember your wedding reception.
There are many things to remember when planning a marriage. There’s more to a wedding than the venue, the dresses, the rings, and the transportation. The entertainment is also important. The right band could make the difference between a reception your guests will always remember and one that they’ll forget.

Many couples find the task of hiring entertainment stressful. It’s rare that you are asked to book a live band. You have decided to hire a wedding band but aren’t sure where to begin? We’ve got great tips to help you make it easy.

Talk To Your Wedding Venue

Before you consider booking a wedding live band Singapore for your big day, have a candid conversation with the venue. Many venues place restrictions on live musicians for various reasons. It is important to check whether your venue allows live entertainment and if so, whether any volume restrictions are in place. You must inform your band if any restrictions are in place before you book.

Many venues use a sound limiter to enforce volume limits. Before you book, find out what decibel limit your venue has and notify your band. Although most bands can alter their performance to comply with the decibel limits, they need to know this in advance.

You don’t have to be confused by all the talk about sound limiters. Entertainment agencies are familiar with working with venues with these limitations and can answer any questions.

Book Through a Trusted Agency

There are many benefits to booking your wedding band through a reliable wedding entertainment agency. A good agency will offer a large selection of professional wedding bands at a single location. This allows you to easily compare and contrast different acts while also ensuring that you have the security of knowing that every band is capable of delivering a quality performance on your big event.

If you don’t know what you want in a band, an entertainment agency can be a great resource. Experiential advisers will meet with you to discuss your wedding and offer expert recommendations based on your needs. These advisors can also contact bands on your behalf. This means that even if you have inquiries about multiple acts you only need to speak with one person.

The booking process is also a key area that agencies excel in. Entertainment agencies that are established offer secure online payment via third-party payment methods. These contracts will be legally binding and create a contract between you and the act. This gives you peace of heart knowing that your booking is confirmed.

You should always ensure that you check reviews on both the agency as well as your chosen wedding band via independent review sites such Trustpilot, Facebook, Google and Google.

Make a Budget

You can expect to pay a lot for a live band, from hundreds of pounds to tens of thousands. You should expect to pay more for more members of a band. The popularity and experience level of your chosen band as well the distance they need to travel for your wedding are other factors. Accommodation and travel costs quickly add up.

An average 4-piece band will cost between $900-$1300. You can still get top-class musicians for your big day even if the above is beyond your budget. To bring your fee closer to your budget, many bands will offer reduced fees. You could also opt for a solo act or duo. Solo and duo performers are able to recreate a full band sound using loop pedals or professional backing tracks for a significantly lower fee.

Choose your sound

There are many bands that can provide a show to fit your musical tastes. The entertainment agency website will allow you to easily search for bands by separating them into different styles and genres. You may have trouble finding the right band for you. Contact the agency to get started.

Don’t forget to think about your family and friends as you choose your wedding band. If you are looking for a band capable of performing a wide range of music, consider this option. Everyone gets to sing along to their favorite tunes.

What’s Included?

Once you’ve identified the style of wedding band you want, it’s time for you to start looking for the right band. Sometimes, it will be easy to fall in love with a band by watching their promo video. You should look at what the band offers to make sure you get an entertainment package that suits your needs.

Have a look at the music selections of your band. If you have songs that you absolutely must hear at your reception but your band isn’t familiar with them, it’s likely you will be disappointed. Although most wedding bands will include your first dance song in the standard package, any additional requests will be charged an additional fee. This is to pay for additional time and expenses.

It is important to know if your band provides sound and lighting equipment (most do), if they offer a DJ services, and when they will be available. Optional extras, such as additional musicians to augment your band or acoustic sets of background music during the day, may be available.

Book Your Wedding Band

This may sound obvious but it is vital that we stress this: Don’t wait until you find the right band to perform for you. Book them immediately, before anyone else. The top wedding bands book their dates up to two years ahead, especially during peak summer weekends. Don’t miss out on your chance to get the band of your dreams by booking them now!