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What fashion styles work for tall and skinny guys?

Style and fashion can help us in a myriad of various ways. The clothes we wear can convey an image of what we’re about, act as an expression of creativity and enhance our confidence. However, style doesn’t necessarily belong to the category of one-size-fits all.

The best method to dress properly is to understand the basics of fashion and then adapt them for your personal style and physique. This is particularly true for males who fall either side of the body type spectrum like the skinny and tall guy.

What is the best option for skinny and tall men?

Being taller and slimmer with a body is amazing! When clothes drape nicely over your body and your presence is difficult to miss in a crowd When slim men put on even a bit of muscle, it’s lean elegant, well-defined and attractive.

Being tall and thin has its own set of problems.

Sometimes, our frame or height can cause discomfort, and even though we all want to be different and stand out, being different due to our height could be uncomfortable at times.

The uncertainty of what to wear or how to dress it can only increase your anxiety and feelings of awkwardness. While we might not be able help with all of your needs but we can offer a few basic style and fashion tips including t-shirts for tall skinny guys that match your body shape.

These tips can aid you in overcoming some of the perceived disadvantages of your body, maximise the benefits, and , of course will help you look the best you can as well as feel better about yourself..

1. Avoid Extremes In Fit

Fit is the most important rule of fashion, and this is especially applicable to men who have slim or skinny physique.

You may believe that wearing larger and baggy clothes will conceal the skinnier part of your body However, wearing large, baggy clothes has the opposite effect, making you appear as if you’re “drowning” in your clothing (or the impression that you’re massive fan of 90s boy band). Dressing in super tight clothing will only highlight your the slim legs.

Be sure to stay slim and fitted, but not too snug when you’re putting on your clothes. Don’t be afraid to have your clothes fitted, even casual clothes.

There are a few instances of when you should dress casually: perhaps you own a button-up shirt or T-shirt that is comfortable in the sleeves , but is quite tinny in the upper torso… and even jeans and chinos whose calves do not fully fill out.

Basically, any clothing that conceals your body is best removed in order that it flatters you and accentuates your figure some without looking too tight.

While a tailor’s service is worthwhile The most simple choice you can make is to look for brands that create clothing specifically for your physique. We’ve included some tips to read about!

2. Layering is Your Friend

I’m definitely #TeamLayering.

Layering is an excellent method that any man can employ to look more fashionable However, it can also provide advantages for slim men. Layering goes quite a ways to add the structure and dimension to your body to give you a slender but slim appearance.

One of my favorite styles is the classic hoodie, paired with the motorcycle jacket I have or down jacket on top. Another alternative is to put some flannel on top of the coat instead of an outer jacket.

Additionally, when you are choosing a jacket for layering, select an item with a well-structured shoulder or an open lapel. A blazer or motorcycle jacket are more suitable for your physique as opposed to bomber jackets.

The structure makes your shoulders appear larger and your waist look more narrow creating a male “V” form. (You’ll notice a trend: a lot of these tips are designed to help give you that aesthetically-pleasing shape.)

3. Dress to Fit Your Proportions

If you take a full-body photograph of yourself, from where are you “carry” your size?

If you’re like me — long body, relatively short legs and 32″ inseam, most T-shirts.

There is a possibility that you have the reverse issue, in which all of your height is contained in your legs and you have an (relatively) shorter body. This is a totally different set of problems.

If you’re in my camp, then a the long-line T-shirt appears to be it’s a “normal” measurement for your larger torso that will help you balance your proportions visually.

Another method to maintain how you look as a tall person having shorter legs would be by wearing pants with a higher rise. This visually extends your legs to ensure they appear more proportional to a torso that is otherwise larger.

For those with legs that are longer wearing a mid-to low-rise pants can actually be beneficial, creating legs that appear shorter than they actually are. Also, this gives you the visual balance that you require.

Another suggestion: Select jeans or pants that are extra long/unhemmed , and then cuff the edges. The cuff creates the opposite effect to high-rise pants. It visually reduces the legs, while also balancing the shorter torso.

The purpose here isn’t just to disguise the height of your body, it’s rather to make sure that your proportions are even so that your appearance is more balanced visually.

4. Beware of pinstripes, as they can cause the Plague.

Vertical stripes can only lengthen your style, adding the already slim appearance.

Pinstripes should only be worn by real neck-and-shoulder guys such as The Rock or John Cena… The rest of us, mere skinny and tall mortals have to select plain patterns and even more “boxy” or full-on designs.

The majority of style advice is based on guidelines and not guidelines. This is not the case.

If you’re tall and slim and you’d like to hide your height avoid wearing pinstripes. If you’re in love with stripes, then you can put them in different places in your wardrobe, but stay clear of stripes which are bold and horizontal.

Opt instead of other options like an repp stripe tie, an oversized T-shirt with thin horizontal stripes and so on. Thin stripes or large horizontal or diagonal stripes, worn in lesser obvious ways (e.g. A pinstripe-free suit) will not make you appear longer.

5. Purchase A Great Henley, Wear It Many times

A good Henley should fit comfortably, but not too loosely, on your shoulders with enough length to cover the wrist bone. I like them with the softest, stretchier material however, you are able to choose a more robust fabric in the event that it’s constructed with an athletic fit.

What makes a great henley is the fact that its design naturally provides that V-shaped silhouette and wider shoulders. It’s even making a real V using the buttons open. Make sure you let some buttons drop in order to avoid losing the effect.

The henley is among the basics that is fashionable, elegant, and suitable for a range of styles (meaning they’re great to layer). The henley is a great match with a flannel jacket or jean jacket to create a rugged appearance. A shawl-style sweater for a trendy look is well with a henley as well. It also makes an excellent outer layer when you wear an over-sized crew neck top underneath.

Other options of clothing that can offer the same effect as a V include polos, button-down shirts and shawl sweaters. All of them have large collars that visually broaden the chest and shoulders and then again drop to waist.

6. Find the perfect fit for Your Sleeves

Of course, you don’t have to cover up constantly. When the time comes to simply wear a T-shirt, the most effective way to go about it is ensure that the sleeves fit around your arms and go towards the mid-tricep.

Sleeves that are too short or with fabric with a length that is too big won’t flatter your arms, however fitting sleeves will take advantage of the benefits of being lean and still make the “guns” appear more impressive.

Many T-shirts come with sleeves that are fitted.

A visual trick for looking larger when you wear a T-shirts with long sleeves that are worn to the mid-forearm or over the elbow.

Many tall men are unable to find button-downs with enough sleeves. This is a reason to take them off. Many dress shirt brands have options for longer sleeves, however casual button-downs aren’t easy to find.

7. Choose lighter shades to look larger

Color is among the most powerful tools we have in our arsenal of style and if you’re hoping to achieve a more expansive appearance, more full by choosing lighter colors, then opting for them will assist you. A few great choices include white, heathered grey and, of course, lighter shades of every hue.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever dress in dark hues. The dark colors are fantastic! However, they can also be slimming, which is something that you do not require. This is a matter to consider and utilize wisely.

However, do enjoy experimenting with various shades and colors and don’t be afraid to try something new. There aren’t any strict guidelines for style however, as with all things in life this is a rule of thumb to consider when making choices.