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Top 7 wedding cake flavours

Much like everything else associated with weddings, the traditional wedding cake has evolved in recent decades. The cakes’ designs have been simplified and more intricate. The selection of colors that are available today is so diverse that it’s difficult to pick a favorite. Take just five minutes browsing Pinterest and you’ll be filled with wedding cake ideas!

In the past the standard wedding cake was composed of fruit cake that can be stored following the wedding, without beginning to “go off”. The couple would save the top layer of the cake for their wedding and cut it for the christening ceremony of their child’s first. The custom slowly changed in the last few times.

Wedding cakes are now flavored with modern tastes like chocolate as well as red velvet. Some couples may still prefer traditional fruit cake as a part the wedding cakes. They just choose the top cake tier to be made from fruit cake.

What are the top seven wedding cake flavors?

Red Velvet Wedding Cake

Hmmmm… the red-velvet cake is the color of love, after all! Red velvet cakes are typically an extremely moist and delicious cake with hints of chocolate and a touch of creme frosting. The majority of wedding cake makers can create a red velvet wedding cake.

Chocolate Wedding Cake

Who doesn’t like chocolate cake? There’s Milk chocolate, white chocolate dark chocolate, praline whatever you want – it’s possible! Chocolate is among the most sought-after options for wedding cakes. You could even take it a step more and make the cake more appealing by adding mint, orange and lime.

Lemon Wedding Cake

Cakes for weddings with lemon have become more popular in the last couple of years. The lemony citrus taste is ideal for summer and spring weddings. The cake is typically lightweight and not overly heavy. Imagine adding raspberries or strawberries in the batter! You’ve probably seen a variety of Ice cream flavors like lemon and strawberry ripple! Imagine this in the wedding cake!

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Vanilla Wedding Cake

Vanilla is a classic option. If you are looking to create cake that pleases everyone present it is impossible to go wrong with the vanilla wedding cake. Vanilla cake by itself is delicious, however it is also possible to add fruit or berries.

Coconut & Lime Wedding Cake

Coconut is among our most loved cakes! When we visit an eatery, we check out coconut cakes! Our wedding cake was a half coconut, too. Imagine combining a delicious sweet coconut cake and the zesty lime-infused topping… You’ll be licking your fingers!

Carrot Wedding Cake

Carrot cake is another excellent option for couples who prefer cakes that are moist and dense which contains nuts and carrots. The frosting that is creme usually highlights the delicious taste of this tasty cake.

Fruit Cake

A wedding cake made of fruit is made from dried or candied fruits as well as spices, nuts and, sometimes, the cake is covered in alcohol to ensure that it will last for a longer time. It has a rich and dense texture. It has a distinctive taste.

Mix your favorite flavors in your wedding cake

There is no need for the wedding cake you choose to have only one flavor. If you’ve ever attended the wedding cake tasting, you’ll walk away with a huge smile, some crumbs in the corner of your mouth, and uncertain about which cake you should make as your cake for the wedding. Why not mix these two cakes? Many couples use different flavours on their wedding cakes. It is possible to include the bottom layer in vanilla, for instance and the middle tier made of chocolate and the top one with traditional fruit cake or something different. It’s all up to you!