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Rules to Choose the Best Earrings for You

The beauty of jewelry is that there aren’t any rules! If you’re looking to enhance and highlight your features pick earrings that complement and complement your facial shape. They are stylish, versatile and are the perfect option to showcase your unique facial shape. Find the perfect earrings for your style – and which ones that you shouldn’t – check out our top suggestions for those who have square, round oval, diamond and heart-shaped faces.

Round Face: Drop Earrings

When your facial shape is round and round, then you are the round face. The round shape of a face characterized by a wide cheekbone and an identical width from the chin into the lower chin. When you have a face that is round pick earrings that lengthen your face, rather than broadening it. Drop earrings can make your face appear more slim, longer , and enhance the round shape of your face. To highlight the roundness of your face slim, long slender earrings can provide harmony and balance, particularly the tassel earrings. Tassels are a great way to add texture and provide the appearance of lengthening your face. We suggest avoiding earrings with chunky discs or circles because the face will appear larger. If you’re looking for some A-list design ideas, have a take a look Chrissy Teigen as well as Selena Gomez.

“Square Face”: Hoop Earrings

A square-shaped face is characterized by strong angles, and has the same jawline and forehead length. Square faces are sharp and well-defined and a great pair of earrings can soften hard edges and , in particular the jawline. When you’re wearing a square-faced face it’s all about balance, so choose large round or oval earrings. Hoops are the ideal choice for people with square faces . They make your features more rounded. Hoops come in a variety of colors and sizes and allow you to play in your appearance. Beware of square shapes because they can cause your face to appear too unnatural. The most important thing to do is avoid earrings with identical to your face. This can over emphasize your facial shape, which isn’t bad! But it can cause attention to areas that you’d prefer you didn’t!

Oval Face: Huggies

A face with an oval shape has the appearance of a larger face with broad eyes and cheekbones that are soft. imagine Bella Hadid, Beyonce and Jessica Alba. If you’ve got an oval face, you’re lucky! Oval is the most easy face shape to wear to dress up or down. Nearly any style of earring is appropriate for your face and can enhance the cheekbones and lengthen your face. Avoid earrings that have large drops since they make your face look stretched out. We recommend hoops, studs smaller drops, or huggies that emphasize your beautiful oval shape.

Diamond Face Stud Earrings

The diamond-shaped face comprised of the chin and forehead, which are narrow and the eyes are the biggest portion on the face. This shape of face comes with an variety of widths and angles which is why balancing the angles is best done by wearing simple earrings. Select a classic pair of earrings that create your strong features to be the main focus of your outfit. Tiny studs with cute designs are beautiful ornaments that should be part of everyone’s jewelry collection. Choose studs that are near the ears to give a finished look to a square face.

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Heart face: Teardrop Earrings

The heart design has a forehead bigger than the cheeks and the lower part narrowing down to the jawline making an elongated heart. The cheekbones are the most striking in this form and should be highlighted through your earring selection. To counterbalance the chin’s sharpness, select earrings that are larger on the bottom, which will flatter the facial features. The teardrop or chandelier earrings are the ideal choice and should be paired with earrings which are thin at the top, then taper and end broad at the bottom. The lower part of the face is filled with them. of the face, and helps balance the top part of the face.

For the ideal Earrings, think about your face’s shape as well as bone structure. The key is balance and flattering your unique beauty. Take a look at our amazing collection of earrings and discover the most appropriate earrings for your facial shape.