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NHS Rainbow Badge – What does it mean?

The Department of Health published evidence in 2007 to support the Health and Social Care Act 2008 Code of Practice. This included specific requirements for uniform and workwear policies and the need to ensure they support hand hygiene. It was updated in 2010 with key equality and diversity provisions to better accommodate faith groups.
The guidance has been archived online by the Government. NHS employers and employees reported difficulties accessing the guidance and having to implement the guidance with their local commissioners.

The NHS Improvement and NHS England have published revised Guidance. This is a joint initiative of key stakeholders led by NHS Employers (BMA), University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and UCLA. It aims to make the guidance more easily accessible to NHS employees and employers.

These are the changes to the Guidance

Minor policy and legal updates for sections 1, 2, 3,
The Headwear plan builds upon the Uniform and Dress Codes policy that University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) developed and implemented in May
Appendix A relates to legal updates following 2010 guidance
Information from colleagues in infection control to make sure that this is consistent with washing and cleaning as well as any current guidance.

What does the NHS Rainbow Badge stand for?

The NHS Rainbow badge may be seen on more University Hospitals staff. Here’s the reason you might notice more staff wearing the NHS Rainbow badge (it may not be the one it is).

Although the NHS Rainbow is a prominent part of the covid response, its true origins lie symbolically in the NHS Rainbow as a sign to safety for LGBT+ patients and staff.

Evelina London Children’s Hospitals created the popular badge idea. They were aware of health inequalities and wanted to make sure that their LBGT+ clients felt comfortable with their providers.

Staff pledge to wear the badge, and promise to uphold its meaning. This sends a message to patients’ families that they can talk to them about sexuality and gender issues. Over 1,300 healthcare professionals have signed their pledge.

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Lenny Byrne (Chief Nurse, Director of Integrated Clinical Professions) helped to implement the scheme upon his arrival in 2019.

Lenny, when asked about the significance the NHS Rainbow Badge, stated that “as healthcare professionals, it might be the first time someone has ever felt comfortable enough to talk about how they feel.” They will treasure that moment forever.

“We’ve seen that these negative experiences have a lasting affect and lead to inequalities in health. In fact, 1 in 7 LGBT+ individuals has avoided getting healthcare due to fear of discrimination. This is alarming, especially considering that the LGBT+ community has a rising rate of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

“The NHS Rainbow Badge is an easy visible symbol that allows people to know that they can talk with us about who and what they are. It’s not a judgemental way to show your feelings.