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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Day Shoe

The perfect shoe can add a finishing touch to an outfit. While your wedding shoes might be last thing you think about, they can play a significant role in your bridal look. This is why it’s important to select something that looks amazing and also fits all of your requirements.
Your dress style, length, height, build, and comfort wearing heels can all influence the style of the wedding shoes you choose. Here are some considerations when selecting wedding shoes.
If your shoes can be seen…

You should consider shoes that will complement the style of your wedding dress. It is important to first decide the style of your wedding dress. Also, consider what shoe style will work best with your body. Pairs of open-toe heels or points will look great with tea-length dresses.

If you want to match your shoes exactly to your gown, you should bring along your wedding dresses or a sample of the fabric you have used for your wedding dress. If you have trouble matching the colour of your dress with your shoes, match the jewelry and embellishments on it. If this proves to be difficult, you may want to have your shoes custom-made or ask the wedding dress maker to provide extra fabric to cover your footwear.

If you cannot see your shoes…

It is unlikely that anyone will notice your feet if they can’t see them. This gives you the freedom to choose a shoe which is more practical and more comfortable, as opposed to wearing something that perfectly matches but is uncomfortable for a long time.

You can be sure that your shoe won’t stand out if you show off your feet. Nude, tan (or ivory), white, or pastel shades of pink, purple, lavender, and baby blue are all safe options. If dancing isn’t your thing and you don’t want anyone to see your feet all night, you can choose comfortable heels, espadrilles, flats or sandals in any color.
If you are looking for a little bit of colour

To brighten up your wedding look, you can add some colour to your shoes. Many brides choose to wear their bridal shoe as their “something Blue”, but there are many other colors available.

You can choose a color that matches the colour of your flowers, bridesmaids or wedding theme. You can contrast metallic colours with white to create an elegant and glamorous look.

The heels vs. the flats debate

Are you looking for flats or heels

This decision is up to you. It comes down to several factors. First, do you feel comfortable in heels? Are you getting married in a traditional, formal ceremony or on the beach? Are you looking to make your height appear higher or lower? The truth is that both styles of shoes work. Strappy heels look fantastic with a sexy, mermaid-shaped outfit, while bejewelled sandals look equally good with a Grecian or empire-waist gown.

You want to lengthen your legs

Brides with shorter legs should steer clear of shoes with an ankle strap. This shoe style can make your legs appear shorter. An extra inch of height is provided by a 2-3 inch heel.

Keep in mind that while it is tempting to wear tall heels to achieve the height you desire, your special day could be marred by sore feet if you’re not used to wearing high heels.

Beautifully embellished flats are great for tall people. You can also wear flats without looking too tall. A small heel such a kitten or kitten heel gives you the look of a high heel without adding any height.
The bridesmaid element

It is possible to choose comfortable shoes for your bridesmaids instead of having them wear something already owned. If you are concerned that the shoes you selected might become uncomfortable, talk to your bridesmaids to find out how they feel.

An easy solution? You can make sure that your bridesmaids have a pair of comfortable shoes or formal flats. This will allow them to change their shoes after the formalities are completed.

Your shoes should be in place before your big day. Avoid wearing your shoes on the big day. It’s easy to get blisters! Instead, walk in them at least three times before you go on your big day.
You can always bring a spare pair to keep under the wedding table.
A footwear survival kit should be included; items such as gel inserts and band-aids could help to prevent blisters from occurring while dancing.
When you go shopping for your wedding dress, take it with you. Or, if that’s impossible, get a fabric sample. This is especially important for brides looking to match colours.
Have them made if the shoe you’re looking for isn’t available in your size or color.
If your shoes feel a bit slippery, consider purchasing shoes grips to attach to the bottom. If you don’t have any shoes grips, you can scrape your shoes on concrete.
It is possible that your pearl wedding shoes may have to be purchased earlier than you anticipated if your dress is being made. This is because the dress designer needs to know your measurements and height.

Although your choice of wedding shoes is up to you, you should consider comfort.