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How To Dress – Styling Tips For Tall Slim Men

If you’re tall, then you’re already aware that this world wasn’t designed for people of your height. When you’re in the market for an automobile or showering at an hotel, or taking a look in all mirrors, you are subject to every day reminders that when you’re six feet tall, things can get somewhat uncomfortable. In the end, why do you think that tall people’s have problems?

There’s perhaps no bigger tall issue then trying to locate clothing that are suitable for. Some time ago, companies began carrying “Big and Tall” or larger sizes. It was a step in the right direction , however it did not cover a lot of people. What happens to those who are tall but don’t feel large? What are the dimensions for tall and slim?

Many of people who are slim and tall aren’t interested in much in the way of fashion. We’re just happy when we discover a shirt that will fit. The excitement is typically temporary, however when the garments are able to come out of the dryer in a smaller size than when they first went into.

Thankfully, clothing brands are beginning to be aware of our situation. A variety of options are popping up for us to wear according to our body type. Here are some suggestions on what’s available and how you can get an entirely new style.


The essential item in every wardrobe, male or female it’s the basic tee. Tee-shirts are a $40 billion business. The process of buying t-shirts isn’t easy because each manufacturer makes a different size. However, there are a few that make clothing specifically for tall and lean people.

PRO TIP: Wearing T-shirts with a deep V-neck can make your neck appear longer and makes you appear more taller. Choose round or scoop options…unless you’re trying to appear taller.

Visit Just Tall for their great selection of tall slim tees.


Men have a far better to find pants and jeans. Men’s sizes are available in the form of a waist-to-inseam measurement. It can be difficult to find a 32×38-sized pants, however, they’re available. Women however are having a tougher to find. The pants for women are sized according to standard and are generally simply an amount. Finding pants that are the exact length you require is a challenge.

PRO TIP: Consider styles that rest on your hips, not the waist. If your pants are more lower than your waist, the length of your legs will be lower.


For tall athletes, clothing that is at ease and is able to move with them are in good shape. In the past , these types of clothes were not easy to come across. However, as it turns out that a large number of athletes are likely to have similar physiques. Also, generally speaking they are larger than the normal.

Pro Tip: The majority of sportswear is made of some kind of blend of fabric which includes spandex. This is the same stretch fabric that you find in Lycra as well as elastane. If you are considering your options, choose clothing that states that it is omni-directional or similar. Many of the clothes you can choose to stretch only in the one direction (horizontally or vertically). When you wear athletic clothes, you need it to be comfortable when you’re moving and need it to stretch out in all directions.