Real Touch flowers are artificial plants made from polymers (latex and silicone, and other), fabric, and plastic. Real Touch flowers not only have a realistic appearance, but they also feel real when touched.
Artificial flowers have been produced industrially for over 100 years. The artificial flowers were made from different fabrics up until recently. However, Chinese manufacturers started using advanced materials to produce new-generation artificial flower, known as Real Touch, just five years ago.

We will explain them better to give a more precise classification of Real Touch Flowers.

Silk flowers with latex coating feel real

These flowers are made from cut petals of fabric. Then, the petals are assembled in buds, inflorescences, and liquid latex. Roses and peonies are the most well-known types of flowers that are made this way.

Polyurethane flowers for Real Touch

These flowers can be made in specially designed press molds. These molds are used to dye the polymer and then place it in the oven. This manufacturing process is used to make flowers such as anemones and gerberas.

Real Touch flowers made from silicone or solid silicon

Production is exactly the same as flowers made from polyurethane. However, this material is stronger and more stable than polyurethane. Silicone is used in the production of silicone-based hydrangeas, orchids and calla lilies. It can also be used to make delphiniums.

It is important to remember that every manufacturer uses its own method of producing flowers. Each manufacturer has its own recipe for producing the flowers.

This classification is based on the material used to produce the flowers. There are good reasons for it. Silicone roses, for instance, look very unrealistic because it is impossible to reproduce the texture of the petals. On the other hand, it is difficult to distinguish between fresh roses and Real Touch silk roses with latex coating. Every type of flower requires the right materials.

We select the finest flowers from our gardens and work with factories to ensure high-quality products.