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Cake Smash Photography – What Is It?

Certain trends in photography come and go. Before you even blink, it’s a hip thing, and after a short time, the sizzle goes away. There’s also the cake smash – an ever-growing trend on the list of the most memorable moments in a child’s first year that must be recorded – moments that need an experienced, skilled photographer in order to record the vast variety of emotions.

Then why is it that cake smash photography isn’t popular? Google’s keyword planner lists that there are 40,000 monthly average searches for “newborn photography,” 8,000 for “maternity photography,” 2,500 for “birth photography,” however only 1,300 searches for “cake smash photos.”

The solution lies in a three-letter word”FUD.”

Then, sit back and relax. Being a photographer myself I can tell you that we’re an odd bunch! In case your imagination gets free, let me define the meaning of FUD:
Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Do you have a fear that the cake smashing session be as EXCITING as an adorable newborn shoot?
Uncertainty – should the parents or the photographer get the cake?
Doubt – will the baby even smash it in order it is possible that you (the photographer) are able to take good photos?

Let’s smash these one by one. You can see what I did there. Now that we are over all of my humorous puns, lets get into the topic.

What Should I Bear in Mind Regarding the Cake?

Safety: I am big on safety for babies in all my sessions, whether baby or cake smash. A baby may be allergic to egg, wheat refined sugar, and other things. This is why I usually ask parents to provide the cake. This allows them to choose the design and colors.

Smash Cake Design: I suggest parents invest in a professional-designed cake. The results are usually much better. I’m aware that the trend for cakes is to go large however, we don’t require a three-layer cake. A medium cake gets similar results for less cost.

Smash Cake Colors The colors of the Smash Cake are white, pink, yellow plus light green cake appear very well and are a perfect match for all backdrops. I also love orange. It’s bright and makes pictures stand out. Beware of chocolate, red and blue. The colors don’t look as good when wet, and the last one is difficult to wash.

Smash Cake Decorations: Use buttercream frosting or whipped that makes it simple for your little one to play with. Avoid fondant because it’s difficult to break, and it can pose an choking risk. Sprinkles? Absolutely, if they can place them on the cake without having to modify your design.

Do I have to assume that the baby will always be a bit squirmy?

Follow this trick that has always worked for me. Close your eyes and imagine. You have a one-year-old sitting in front of the cake, who will listen and follow exactly what you request. “Dig in,” you say! And dutifully they dig in smashing the cake in the most photographic manner possible.

You probably saw this one coming from just a mile away. It’s just a dream. Reality is different.

Learn to remind yourself that the baby is only one year old of age and is usually apprehensive of exploring new textures forms, or flavors. Especially when surrounded by adults who make funny noises and clapping to egg them on. So, take away the fear. I recommend that parents work at home, before the class, using a cupcake – icing on top (preferably using the same colors) and a similar environment (i.e. everyone sits down on the floor). It’s not a perfect solution however, it has offered me some good results. By the way, small portions of cake might help you discover any allergies that were not apparent to parents at the time of.

How Can I Make your Cake Smash Photography Session an Experience?

Please repeat after me: this is not only a cake-smashing session! Sincere apologies if this sounds condescending, but know this I’m guilty too. It is important to remind people that this is an occasion. A cake smash is possibly the only occasion when we can both create and preserve the memories, right?

Choose a theme Ask the parents to share their child’s most loved book, toy or persona. Then we plan the theme around the subject. This makes it simpler for parents as well. Popular characters usually mean well-known colors, which makes the smash cake design easier, and available accessories easier to find and purchase to complete the set. For instance, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” or Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go.”

Remember that a cake smash session invariably coincides with a first birthday celebration. Selecting a theme could help parents with planning that important event, too. Even before they step into your studio, you’ll have developed a rapport with the kids.

How Do I Set Up for the Cake Smash Day?

Then, it’s time to get down to brass tacks. Make a list, so that you can make a plan that is effective:

Cake: Check that it’s at room temperature.

Cake Stand: Always looks great But you have to be cautious. Stands are prone to fall and ruin your cake.

Extra Sprinkles: I promise you they will be needed.

Spoon For safety: to assist the baby to get established.

Backdrop: I like the seamless papers that I fold down, so that the baby can play on it as well. It’s true that you’ll get rid of some in the at the end.

Siblings: In a different space, preferring. There’s a delicious-looking cake ready to be devoured. If they’re around you, it may be hard to keep them from digging in and you can’t excuse them from trying.

Watchful Eye: Remember, babies can move quickly. Keep an eye on the cake and equipment.

And, all of this leads our attention the following…

Cleaning up the Cake Smash Strategy

Never commence the cake smash photo shoot without a clear-up plan. Here’s the list of items I always keep at hand.

When I am in the studio, I ensure to have baby wipes, brush, dustpan, along with trash cans, in my studio at all times.

In the vicinity: Ample towels. Especially in the bathroom or powder room. If you aren’t able to access or have access to a small bathing tub.

Parents should bring an extra pair of clothes for all family members who are attending. Bags to carry dirty clothes to home.

The editing process Cake Smash Photos

Shooting a cake smash session is only half the battle. After you’ve managed to capture your photos, it’s time to edit the images. And , boy, does editing infants offer its own distinct challenge, such as removing blemishes, reducing redness, smoothing skin, etc.


I hope you’ve found these cake smashing tips useful, and the clouds of worry, uncertainty and doubt are now gone.