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Why You Should Have Vaser Liposuction

The most popular techniques for shaping the body and removing fat currently is Vaser liposuction. Like all things, it has its advantages and disadvantages that we’ll go over in this post. Don’t forget to read through to the end, as we provide answers to five other concerns you may have about the procedure. The reason there are so many people wanting spend money on this revolutionary cosmetic procedure is the excellent results it delivers.

It utilizes the latest ultrasonic technology to remove undesirable fat from the areas of your body you wish to make slimmer and can help with shaping and contouring your body to create the body shape you desire. The major difference between this and other types of liposuction is that it is not very invasive and involves the removal of small fatty deposits from very specific areas so that unrelated and surrounding tissues aren’t affected in the process.

Simply put simply, the ultrasonic waves are shot at the fat deposits, and they break them up. However effective it may be it is, do not be rushing into having vaser lipo since you need to be sure it’s the procedure you’re looking for and there are always risks associated with any surgical procedure.

The best thing to do first is to book a consultation with one of our experienced surgeons to answer any questions you be asking.
Before you decide whether it’s right for you it is important to go through the pros and cons to ensure you get the full picture about this kind of lipo. This is the subject we’re going to cover in the next blog post to assist you in this regard.

Vaser Liposuction Pros

To begin, let’s take a positive footing and examine the numerous reasons to as many people who have gone before, opt to go ahead and opt for this type of cosmetic treatment for removing fat. Particularly if you are contemplating between vaser and regular lipo:

Vaser lipo is not invasive and extremely safe. It is a significantly shorter recovery time than conventional lipo, and many patients are returning to work in just only a few days. They can also recover from the swelling and pain associated with the procedure within three to four weeks.

The results are fully visible almost immediately in some cases with minimal swelling, but within 12 weeks in the majority of cases, which means there is no need to conceal your face for too long after the procedure before you are able to reap its benefits.

With the use of specialized ultrasonic technology, surgeons, doctors and specially trained professionals can target with pinpoint accuracy the areas in which you require fat eliminated. When you undergo conventional lipo, the fat is typically removed out of more general areas which can result in damage to the tissues surrounding it, and can prolong the healing time but also impedes the effectiveness of the procedure.

Due to the ultrasonic technology utilized in this procedure only small incisions must be made to allow the fluid that aids in the suction portion of the process to be administered. This means that the skin is virtually undeterred during the process and you will experience less pain, swelling and even bleeding as a result.

Not only is the time to recover quicker, but also the actual completion time for this procedure is considerably faster than traditional lipo Manchester techniques. Studies confirm this too

It can be used to provide more targeted and precise body contouring, it means you can have a more distinct and appealing body form. In addition, it helps eliminate excess fat and unwanted fat and excess fat, but it also assists out by smoothing those problematic areas of your body.

Vaser Liposuction Cons

In the interest of fairness even though we believe Vaser lipo is an efficient and safe procedure, you should be aware that, as with many surgical procedures, just as there are pros but there are also a number of cons to using this procedure.

Since Vaser Liposuction can be a less invasive treatment than normal liposuction, your wounds will be much less visible. It’s worth noting that they won’t be non-existent. The exact cause depends on the body part treated, as well as other factors. It’s crucial when choosing the correct specialist for this kind of procedure that you select one who has experience making scars less likely and the severity of them. and one who is upfront with you in the beginning about these scars.

Though uncommon, some patients are reported to be afflicted with discomfort and numbness in the treated area for several weeks following the procedure. Most patients can return to working within three days. The specialist performing the treatment will advise you on the best ways to speed up recovery process, but also as giving you suggestions to reduce the severity and how long the pain and numbness lasts.

A lot of modern cosmetic procedures produce visible results quickly which is usually the case with Vaser lipo. However, sometimes the initial results might be less obvious due to the swelling.

It may take up to two to three months before the inflammation completely subsides. It can take an additional 2 to 3 weeks to fully tighten over the treated area. Due to this, you might need to wait between 4-6 months to see the final result. It could take a long time to determine and gauge just how successful the treatment has been , and the level of satisfaction you have.

You’ll still be able to put that weight back on. It will be distributed to a different area within your body. It is important to continue living your lifestyle as healthy and balanced as you can.

Another of the more frequent side effects of Vaser the procedure is swelling. Though it’s generally mild but there are some people that may experience more severe bouts of inflammation immediately following the treatment. This might mean that you’ll be required to take specific medications to help you recover.

The above pros and cons were not designed to completely turn your mind at ease or pressure so you have the procedure. It was, instead designed to give you a fuller idea of what the procedure is along with the best points along with the negative points.

Why You Should Get Vaser Lipo with Us

The most important thing to consider when it comes to cosmetic surgery, just as for any cosmetic surgery, is to be sure you choose the right practice and surgeon to perform it. Many people fall into the trap of rushing to have the procedure done, and fail to make the right decisions because they are in a hurry to observe the outcomes.

We have a group of highly skilled cosmetic surgeons who have the experience and knowledge required to provide safe, low-risk , and non-invasive Vaser lipo. If you’re interested in finding out more, about the treatment itself, our prices or our leading professionals in the industry, do not hesitate to contact us. Our helpful and welcoming customer service representatives can answer many of your concerns and can also book you in to a consultation appointment. In this consultation you’ll learn details about the procedure and be able to discuss with your surgeon the location you’d like it done , and why.

Five More Things You Need To be aware of regarding Vaser Liposuction – – FAQ’s

1. What exactly is it?

For patients trying to remove stubborn areas of fat, Linia offers liposuction and liposculpture procedures. By using the latest techniques, cellulite can be removed from nearly any part of the face or body to improve the tone of the skin, giving it the appearance of a slimmer face. There are many areas that can be treated at one time with the most well-known areas to undergo Liposculpture are the stomach and thighs, buttocks, the chin and chest.

2. Why is it so popular and what are the advantages?

In spite of our efforts to follow a healthy diet and to exercise and stay in shape, a lot of us find that there are areas of our bodies where we are unable to shed stubborn fat. For women, most of the time the areas of concern are the hips, inner and outer the thighs, the upper arms, buttocks and knees as well as the abdomen. Though men generally have a lower percentage of total body fat than women, theirs tends to be concentrated around their waists and abdomens, under the chin and sometimes on the breasts. Liposuction helps to reduce or eliminate these fat cells permanently, leading to the overall reduction of pounds and inches, and combining it with more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The fat cells are believed to be unable to grow in adulthood and therefore, their removal will give an everlasting change in the contour, independent of changes in weight. This won’t, however keep you from adding weight in the future.

3. What are the risks and potential after-effects?

Cosmetic Surgery, as with other procedure, is the creation of a “trauma” in the human body and there are risks with any procedure. Every person’s body is distinct, and your general fitness, health as well as your age and genetic profile are all factors that impact upon the healing speed, and as well on the possibility of side-effects. If you drink alcohol, smoke or are overweight, and/or use medications for medical or other reasons, the risk of complications occurring during and after surgery can be greatly elevated. Smoking cigarettes, for instance, is discouraged as it increases the risk both of infection, wound breakdown as well as thrombosis (blood blood clots). After liposuction , it’s normal for all patients to experience tiredness in their muscles, swelling, pain discomfort, and the sensation of numbness. The greater the size of the area being treated, the more severe the symptoms may be. The most often reported effect of this procedure is bumps under the skin’s surface in addition to the appearance irregular, hard bumps beneath the surface. It is normal and tends to decrease over the days and months following surgery, aided by regular, frequent and intense massage. There is a higher risk of bruising, particularly if you have the tendency to get bleeding or have been taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory medicines. This is why we will check your clotting profile and complete blood count prior to the surgery. Infections that are serious are extremely rare However, the areas that have been treated could develop inflammation and there could occasionally be a little oozing from the wounds. Sometimes, skin discoloration can develop, and this may require further liposuction for adjustment.

4. How long will recovery take?

Your surgeon will see you when you’ve been released from the anaesthetic to ensure that everything is in order. Then the nurse will help you apply a tight-fitting pressure-fitting garment over the affected area/s to provide support and lessen swelling. It is common to be discharged on the same day, however, sometimes an overnight stay is suggested if there were multiple regions treated. After leaving, you will be provided with instructions for post-operative care, along with contact numbers in the event that you require assistance anytime.

Week 1 – 2

You may experience some pain and discomfort during the initial days following the operation, and particularly when the effects of anaesthetic start to fade. This can be controlled with regular medication , which we provide. There may be pinkish fluid discharge from the incision sites for a few days. This is normal, and the dressings will absorb it. The pressure garment must be worn all day and night, for the following 2 weeks, though you can take it off to wash or shower. For the next 6 weeks the garment must be worn “most all the time”. At times, you may “feel” you aren’t as comfortable or “imagine” your body to feel bigger than before surgery! This is also normal and is entirely because of post-operative swelling and fluid retention which will decrease. The areas treated will remain tender and tender, and you are likely to be tired and stiff. It is possible to resume work shortly afterward, but we’d advise taking a few days off work when you can. By the second week you should be feeling less bruising and discomfort should be decreasing. The nurse will visit you for a visit about 7-10 days after your operation. The nurse will take out the stitches that haven’t disintegrated and the dressing will be removed.

Week 8-10

Your surgeon will consult with you again, usually within 8 to 10 weeks for a full post-operative consultation. At this point, you’ll notice visible improvements and small wounds will fade. The numbness and the lumpiness are likely to remain for several months. We typically advise you not to be expecting to see the complete results for anything that lasts 6-9 months.