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What Exactly Is Breast Asymmetry Correction?

Most women, nature does not produce perfect breasts that are symmetrical. It is believed that one in four women’s breasts differ in terms of shape or size. at times, it’s a small variation, but for the majority of women, it’s significant and could cause lots of anxiety.

For young women , this may be detrimental to their self-image . A new study has revealed that surgery can bring immense benefits in terms of health and quality of life.

In the issue of October of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) The study focused on young women, with the average of age 18 that had surgery to correct an asymmetry of their breasts.

Dr. Brian Labow and his colleagues at the Boston Children’s Hospital studied 45 young teenagers between 2008 to the year 2018, of which all had severe asymmetry . Typically with a difference of two cups between the breasts. The women, who were 45 and 101 women who were not affected by asymmetry of the breasts were studied prior to surgery, and then later.

Seventy percent of women had ‘hypoplastic’ breast asymmetry correction, meaning that either or both breasts are not fully developed. The majority of women with asymmetry in their breasts were diagnosed with macromastia, which is excessively large breasts on the one side. There were some who were diagnosed with a tuberous breast, meaning your breasts have been encased to the bottom.

“Surgical intervention to treat breast irregularities among young women can result in significant and long-lasting improvement in the psychosocial quality and life quality,” the researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital write.

Before the surgery, research revealed that the patients had suffered from low self-esteem, which affected their ability to function socially and in relationships when compared with their peers. A follow-up survey conducted a few years after surgery, all women reported a marked improvement in self-esteem, their ability to socialize and their emotional well-being. These improvement being sustained for at least five years.

What exactly does the correction of breast asymmetry require?

Correcting breast asymmetry requires various techniques and a doctor will adapt each patient’s customized procedure to meet their specific requirements.

This is apparent from the surgical procedure the women who participated in the study had to undergo in 28 cases. They had breast augmentation surgery either on both sides. 14 had a reduction of their breasts on one side. Sometimes, it was in conjunction with surgery on the breasts opposite. The remaining patients had various procedures.

Enhancing the breasts: If one breast is much larger than another, volume of the breast in the smaller breast could be increased using the use of a breast implant. Most patients wish to boost volume on both breasts and the surgeon will select the right implant and technique of placement to get the most symmetrical results feasible.

The reduction of the breast is Most often, one breast is too large in comparison to the other. A reduction in the breast, usually paired with a lift will result in a more balanced, natural, and youthful appearance.

A natural way to enhance your appearance of Fat transfer into the breasts are becoming a more popular option to replace breast implants. it is used to shape and make the breasts more balanced.

Asymmetry in the breasts is often thought of as an issue of cosmetics, but it is evident that surgery may provide substantial positive effect. Although a skilled plastic surgeon can make an enormous improvement in the appearance of breasts however, it is crucial that patients set realistic expectations and realize that it is almost impossible to achieve perfectly symmetrical.