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What Are Mushroom Spores?

It is no surprise that new psychedelics seem to be appearing almost daily, as they are at the forefront for alternative treatment options. The most well-known psychedelics of all are magic mushrooms. Following the discovery of magic truffles the question of magic mushrooms spores was brought up.
What do they look like? Let’s find them out.

Magic mushrooms

Psilocin, psilocin, and pilocin are compounds that make mushrooms magical. These hallucinogens are able to produce a psychedelic effect, and there are over 180 varieties of mushrooms.

Since thousands of year, magic mushrooms have been part of many spiritual ceremonies. They can be used to purify people of bad energy, bad spirits, and toxic substances.

Scientists have found that psilocybin has a structure similar to serotonin, and thus binds the same 2A serotonin receptors within the brain. This is how psilocybin can cause auditory and sensory distortions in the brain. Also known as hallucinations.

Psilocin increases the hallucinogenic effect by feeding these distortions further. These experiences have been linked to lower levels of anxiety and depression, a higher sense of well-being, and a greater sense of self-worth. Those suffering from PTSD and trauma also experienced relief.

Psilocybin, which is still classified as a Schedule I drug at the federal level, is still considered a Schedule I substance. This means that it is “highly susceptible to abuse”, not currently being used in medical treatment in the United States, as well as a low safety rating for use under medical supervision.

The decriminalization rates are rising and more states recognize and approve their controlled use within a medical setting, this makes psychedelics an exciting option.
Magic Truffles

Also known as mycellia magic truffles, these are the underground parts of magic mushroom that serve as food reserves in times when they are not available. Because they are magic mushrooms, they contain psilocybin, psilocin, and other psychedelic substances.

Because they have a different structure to magic mushrooms, they can differ in their trip lengths and potency. The psilocybin concentration in magic truffles is more consistent because they are smaller and more compact. This makes it much easier to predict how long the psilocybin trip will last.

Their legal status is the exact same as for magic mushrooms. Changes can also affect both.

Magic Mushroom Spores

You might think that we have covered all parts of a magic mushrooms. The mushroom spores are little reproductive cells that allow the mushrooms to grow and reproduce. The magic mushroom spores, also known as magic mushroom seeds, are the reproductive cells of magic mushrooms. They allow them to multiply, spread, grow, and reproduce. They will have the same characteristics, and therefore legal status.

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Here is where the story becomes interesting.

Spores do not contain psilocybin. Psilocybin does not appear to be present until the spores germinate, and begin producing mycelium. This makes mushroom seeds legal. Once they germinate, however, you are not allowed to grow magic mushrooms. Confusing? It’s not uncommon to be confused.

There is always the question of legalizing pilocybin, as decriminalization news keeps coming up. Magic mushrooms are only legal in certain states, and for specific purposes. This makes it difficult to use them and limits the treatment options. Spores, however, can legally be purchased, but once they are grown, you will have an illegal product.

Magic mushroom spores can be legalized in California, Georgia, Idaho. Because legislators want to stop the cultivation of magic mushrooms, magic mushroom seeds are prohibited in these states.

The other 47 states are not included. It’s legal to possess and buy them. They are only allowed for research purposes, including taxonomy and microscopy.
Where to Find Magic Mushroom Spores

There are many ways to get magic mushroom spores.

One is making your own psilocybin extracts from the mushrooms. They can also be ordered online. You can find a lot of sellers online that will sell you a print or a syringe.

A magic mushroom spores syrup is an oral syringe that contains only water and mushroomspores. While spore prints are tiny pieces of paper with the mushroomspores inscribed on them, spore prints are smaller pieces of paper. When you are ready to use the spore prints, they must be dried.

Their legal uses are limited to research and testing, after you have purchased them. Consider the legal implications if you plan to grow them.

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms

Yes, magic mushrooms can be grown at home by some people. You can even find courses and websites that show you exactly how to do it. Start here

It depends on the type of magic mushroom that you want to grow, it can take between 5-12 days for you to be able harvest them. Important to remember is that mushrooms must be cut before the veil comes off. Once they reach their full size, they will lose all of their potency. The DIY method of growing your mushrooms seems cheaper than buying them from a vendor. This is why so many people want to give it a shot.

The legal status of magic mushrooms remains unclear. While they will soon be legalized across the country, it is still illegal to use them or grow them yourself. They will hopefully be over soon and we will be able discover their full potential once their use is more widespread.