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Revolutionary Liposuction Technique: How 360° Vaser Lipo Works

Over time, cosmetic operations have gotten more and more popular as people’s self-consciousness about their looks has grown. 360 Vaser Lipo is unique among them all because of its remarkable outcomes and adaptability. This cutting-edge kind of liposuction uses ultrasonic energy to concurrently remove extra fat from several locations, making it a great choice for patients looking for all-encompassing contouring treatments.

360 Vaser Lipo: What Is It?

Vaser Lipo, also known as Virtual Assisted Realipocytesis, is a contemporary liposuction technique that removes fat cells by use of ultrasonic waves as opposed to force. It was first created to solve problems that may arise from using traditional liposuction procedures, especially when removing substantial amounts of fat and potentially causing undesirable complications and uneven skin texture.

Conventional liposuction techniques entail making tiny incisions surrounding the targeted area(s) and inserting cannulas—thin tubes—connected to vacuum suction machines. The underlying tissue is intensely manipulated throughout the procedure, which may cause stress and inflammation. Because of this, some people may have discomfort after surgery, along with swelling, bruising, and temporary numbness.

But with the advent of Vaser Lipo, liposculpture techniques became more accurate and minimally intrusive. Vaser Lipo uses ultrasonic vibrations to melt fat prior to aspiration, as opposed to blunt force to retrieve fatty deposits. In addition, the process helps to separate fat cells from the surrounding nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, minimising recuperation time and causing less injury to neighbouring tissues.

The advantages of Vaser Lipo are combined with full-body shaping capabilities in 360 Vaser Lipo. Essentially, this method uses several cannula tips implanted via tiny punctures around the perimeter of the torso to target four major body areas at once: the belly, flanks, back, and inner thighs. The name of the approach comes from the fact that a full transformation is produced in a single session by simultaneously focusing on all four zones.

How Is 360 Vaser Lipo Operational?

An expert will first inject a solution including lidocaine and epinephrine around the targeted regions during a 360 Vaser Lipo session. First, the solution helps reduce bleeding, swelling, and bruises; second, it provides local anaesthesia, which lessens discomfort. Second, it reduces the possibility of inadvertent harm by helping the doctor to distinguish between fatty tissue and vital structures.

Subsequently, the surgeon will create several tiny incision sites all around the patient’s waist and implant customised cannulas fitted with high-frequency sound-emitting ultrasound probes. The fat is liquefied by the heat produced by these probes and then gently suctioned out. The method guarantees that just the targeted quantity of fat is removed while maintaining vital structural components that give skin its firmness, suppleness, and tone.

Advantages of the 360 Vaser Lipo

360 Vaser Lipo has several benefits over traditional liposuction techniques, a few of them are as follows:

Minimised Trauma: The procedure promotes faster healing periods by minimising the danger of harming nearby soft tissue and nerve endings by using softer extraction techniques and smaller incision sizes.

Treatment Plans That Can Be Customised: 360 Vaser Lipo allows for multifocal liposuction, which gives doctors more freedom to tailor procedures to each patient’s needs and preferences for the amount and location of fat loss.

Reduced Downtime: Patients usually recover more quickly from this minimally invasive procedure, with minor pain and tightness around the treated areas lasting around seven days. Shortly after, patients frequently return to their regular activities, although they should refrain from intense activity for at least six weeks.

Better Contours: 360 Vaser Lipo reduces bulges consistently in a number of regions, resulting in a harmonious silhouette and smoother transitions between the upper and lower body portions.

Possible Adverse Reactions

Although the dangers associated with 360 Vaser Lipo are smaller than those of traditional liposuction, some side effects are still possible and include:

  • Transient Soreness, Edoema, and Numbness: These side effects may last for a few weeks after surgery.
  • Fluid Accumulation: In order to prevent lymphedema, patients may notice an accumulation of fluid in the afflicted areas. In this case, compression garments may need to be worn for up to six weeks.
  • Infection: Although uncommon, infection can arise after any surgical procedure and has to be promptly evaluated by a physician and treated with antibiotics.

In summary

To sum up, 360 Vaser Lipo is a major development in cosmetic medicine since it provides a kinder, safer substitute for conventional liposuction techniques. Plastic surgeons’ approach to body contouring operations has been revolutionised by its customisable possibilities, less downtime, and improved results. Nonetheless, it is still crucial to thoroughly consider each patient’s particular situation and get informed consent of any potential dangers and limits. It is recommended that prospective consumers seek the advice of reliable experts who are certified to carry out these treatments in a safe and efficient manner.