Big Brother was invented by John de Mol, a Dutch billionaire and TV producer who invented the format in 1999. the first time it was broadcast in the Netherlands but the show became popular all over the globe within a relatively short period of period of.

In Brazil the reality TV show was introduced through the Globo network, which bought the show in 2002. Big Brother Brazil Big Brother Brazil, known as BBB was a huge success, and it achieved the highest ratings of the brazillian television’s history on the final show of the season. Then the Globo produces a second season the following year, and a new season every year with a total of twenty-one seasons.

This reality show airs across 60 countries. how do you see the popularity of these shows? Plus: how do you see it being viewed around the world? Let’s look it up.


Let’s get started with our favorite BBB It is the members of a group ranging between 12 and 20 depending on the season. They are locked to a home for a few months, typically two and a quarter or three. When the weeks go by, houseguests are exiled one per week until the endof the week, at which point the winner is awarded one and one-half million reais however in the beginning it was half a million. The people decide who gets exiled, based on the rules of the game. A leader – the person who is the winner of the leader competition during the week picks one person to be evicted and the rest guests choose one or two persons to be evicted. Brazillians are the ones to decide. The sport is characterised by a variety of dynamic and twists, which add excitement to the spectacle.

Big Brother Brasil 18 had the longest contest ever, it ran for 43 hours. It was cancelled due to Kaysar and Ana’s condition. guests who attended the show, declared it tied.

United States

The Americans have had 22 editions of Big Brother and the success is much greater than in the United States. Americans often stop watching Big Brother, but the game itself is of different in the US: The audience has a chance to vote several times on the twists in the game, or during the final season , America selects the houseguest of the year who is awarded 25 thousand dollars. This is different from the winner who gets one million dollars. however , that winner isn’t determined by votes of the public however, it is decided by jurors’ votes. WHAT??? Yes On Big Brother US the person known as the leader is the head of the household and is responsible to choose two people for expulsion and the houseguests decide who is evicted and out of their homes. The houseguests who will form the jury which will decide who is the winner of the show at the final night.


Big Brother Canada is very well-known, and people from other nations stop to watch the show. it has seven seasons of the reality show in Canada since it was cut in 2020 due to the epidemic of covid-19. The gameplay is very similar to Big Brother Us, where the household head selects two contestants to be evicted and the houseguests take on the job of evicting. In addition to the jury house also, the winner will receive 100 thousand dollars in Canadian dollars. There is also the night that three at least three houseguests are kicked out of the house! It’s the night of triple eviction. The houseguest is removed and the head of household is identified however, three individuals are nominated, with two are going to say goodbye to the rest. It was a wild night, no doubt.

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Australia is currently on the 12th season considering that Australia did not have seasons until 2014. The land of kangaroos the dynamics were very like Brazil in that the public was making the decision on who would be kicked out and who would be the winner. The only difference is that it was announced that in the year 2020 Big Brother Australia decided to follow the same format as Canada and the USA as well as Canada.


In Italy it is now known as Grande Fratello VIP. an additional designation: Grande Fratello and it’s split into two types of formats: Grande Fratello and Grande Fratello VIP. Houseguests in the first format are unidentified, and those in the second format are famous people such as sub-stars and artists, former reality stars and others. Brazillians have participated on Grande Fratello Vip, including the current season “Grande Fratello VIP 5” as well as the brazilian Dayane Mello, who’s getting too involved within the sport.


The final Big Brother we are going to watch more of is Big Brother Naija, from Nigeria. Houseguests compete for an amount of cash that is 85 million Nigerian Naira.The premiere of the show was in 2006, however it was not a huge success and the ratings pushed the show unwatchable on Nigerian tv until the year 2017 when the show began on a new Network and is now an enormous success, even outside of the nation. In this instance, the dynamics are quite different. The household members choose two of them to be evicted and the public chooses who is going to leave. Sometimes, the people vote for all house guests with the exception of the head of the household. The head decides on who will be chosen and in this manner guests decide the person who will go home.

It’s fascinating to see how a reality show franchise has been popular all over the world in many countries, and for many years! I am a fan of every one of them, and watch almost all of them LOL.