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The Best Godzilla Action Figures Ever Made

A long time ago, dubbed “The King of All Monsters,” Godzilla has been the mainstay of popular culture for a long time. When it first came to America in the year 1956. Godzilla King of the Monsters was released with the Americanized version of the original 1954 Japanese Toho Pictures Godzilla also known as Gojira.

Since that time, Godzilla has been in 31 films as well as four animated cartoons, and many videogames comic books, statues , and models kits. Honestly that’s just the tip of the of the iceberg. With such a cult character and a huge hit, it’s only natural that there will be a quantity of action figures to smash up a variety of cardboard towns (and perhaps your little sister’s doll house). Here are some of the best Godzilla action figures ever made…

Classic 1954 Godzilla

Released by Bandai

This figure details the Godzilla from the film of 1945 and marks the first use of a man dressed in a suit, also known by the term “suit-mation.” The character is gray like the film and appears be articulated in the same places as the suit in the original. The lower part in the form is thicker and legs much stockier than many of the figures that followed. The arms look like the T-Rex, however they are much longer and more robust. The tail is smaller and stands above the ground.

SH Monster Arts Godzilla

It was released by Bandai Tamashii Nations

Based on the 1960s version that was created during the Showa Period (1954-1975), this Godzilla is a smaller, taller and an overall less bulky monster. Here, Godzilla is of uniform size with no specific area more muscled than any other. Its arms run the lengthiest of all figures and that tail is also the shortest. Additionally, there are fewer dorsal fins compared to other figures. The main feature of these Godzilla toys are the distinct colors, including the lighter hues at the chest and knees.

Godzilla Shogun Warriors

The release was made by Mattel in 1977

As unusual as it may sound. Godzilla is firmly in the world of Captain America and Spider-Man. For 24 issues, which ran in Marvel Comics from 1977 to 1979, Godzilla battled S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers, The Fantastic Four and the aforementioned wall crawler. It was Godzilla’s association with the other Monster Comic The Shogun Warrior that led to this Mattel action figurine. A button on the figure’s arm makes his fist explode and a switch on the side of his head shows his tongue, which is fiery. The tail of the figure is also removable to make it easy to store.

Godzilla 1995

Published in 2012 by Bandai Tamashii Nations in 2012

The figure is from in the Heisei phase of Toho movies (1984-1995) This model is a departure from the traditional figure. While the well-known dorsal fin appears as a major element of the figure the head is much smaller. The body, however, has larger proportions and more powerful and thicker legs. The figure is very articulated at various unusual points like the chest, hips, knees ankles, and wrists. The large tail is a great way to ensure that the figure is balanced very well.

Godzilla 2000

It was released in 2013 by Bandai Tamashii Nations in 2013

The figure is based on the Millennium timeframe of the Toho film series (1999-2004) the model has some significant differences from its Heisei counterpart. The head and neck are much larger, with the dorsal and dorsal fins reaching all the way to the base of the skull. The body has a longer appearance than the more taller version from 1995. The tail dips down and meets the ground in two places, while those claws that are on hands as well as feet appear to be extended, and bent. This Godzilla looks like the more dynamic and proportioned version of the classic monster. This version also has the biggest dorsal fins of any figure we’ve seen.

Classic Godzilla Final Wars

It was released by Bandai Tamashii Nations

The 2004 film, Godzilla Final Wars, is in sync with it. Godzilla Final Wars, this model dials back details in a manner that is similar to the original design. The figure commemorating the 50th anniversary of Godzilla shows an image of Godzilla which is much more closely to his “suit-mation” roots. The figure has the more squat, human like stance with a slender body and legs. The arms appear to be a bit thin, however, and the claws and hands have been extended, and fixed. The figure is also not as articulated as earlier figures and is also one of the few models where the mouth is fully open, and the brow is prominently furrowed.

FunKo POP! Godzilla

The release was made by FunKo in the year 2015

A figure list wouldn’t be complete without this version of the FunKo POP! Version. This cute version makes the creature extremely soft and is available in a mix of collectible versions, including one of the most impressive “black as well as white” version. The model is perfectly symmetrical and resembles the original, sporting hands and legs that are similar lengths and a shorter tail. His signature growl is close to a grin here and it makes it more adorable. Whatever he is lacking in articulation is more than compensated for in fashion.

Atomic Roar Godzilla

It was released by Bandai in 2014 by Bandai.

The figure is based on the 2014 American film released by Legendary Pictures. It is also the most distinctive design of any figure. Godzilla is here, Godzilla has a small head, the neck, which extends in size all the way down to the lower portion of the torso creating the look of an standing alligator with a shorten snout. The arms on the figure are tiny but the legs are enormous and are the same thickness as the body. Dorsal fins that are well-known from the back of the head all the way down to the point of the long tail. In this particular picture the mouth is opened for the person to make a swath of the blue “atomic flame” on the floor to evoke the devastating attack from the film.

Godzilla Minimates Series 1 and Series 2

Published By Diamond Select Toys

Two-inch tall Minimate figures set includes four of Godzilla’s most popular characters from his film history. In the initial, Godzilla is shown extinguishing the”atomic fire” and his blue “atomic fire” along with his dorsal fins that are shining in bright blue. MechaGodzilla is the alien-created robot monster, as well as the human created gigantic fighting robot Jet Jaguar and Hedorah the Smog Monster are also featured in this set. The second set features Godzilla in a classic pose and fan favorites Mothra, Gigan and the metallic Titanosaurus.

Godzilla is the most lasting of all giant monsters and there wouldn’t be films like Cloverfield as well as Pacific Rim without his influence on popular culture and our collective imaginations. I believe this is largely due to the fact that Godzilla can be portrayed as both a hero and a villain, sometimes in the same movie. Most often, he is feared by adults, but adored by children, the belief in the power of Godzilla to do good is a matter of belief and imagination. This is among the qualities they possess that makes playing with them so enjoyable.