All you have to appreciate the art of espresso is produced by Fellow. Their full range of items consists of kettles, french press kits, espresso bean grinders, bean storage space methods, filters, pour over setups and much more! Most of the products are of the best in their aesthetics and construction, designed to provide top-of-the-line performance while simultaneously looking like amazing pieces of art by themselves.

Fellow’s concentration is on raising the knowledge of making as well as consuming coffee without charging high prices, which relies in foggy San Francisco. They are hitting the mark, and also others agree. Product review website Gear Patrol wrote about Fellow, “When it comes to outstanding goods for creating a cup of coffee early in the day, it is difficult to conquer what Fellow Does.” Design magazine Design Milk went one step Further when praising the gorgeous aesthetics of the goods, stating that their coffee grinder was, “Possibly the very first customer priced coffee burr grinder acceptable of categorizing as a style object.”

We definitely love Fellow’s goods and we are and so excited to offer our customers the opportunity to personalize several of probably the most excellent coffee products on the marketplace wherever. These things are ideal for corporate presents, whether it is for an office holiday celebration or maybe with an onboarding package.

Allow me to share several of the awesome products we are giving from Fellow, all all set to be tailored with your distinctive artwork or logo!

In order to elevate the knowledge of enjoying coffee, Fellow’s 12oz Everywhere Mug was created. It is full of features towards that conclusion, like a completely wide opening (you do not drink coffee by way of a a hole at home!), a 69mm jaws which suits majority brewing systems, a ceramic interior which will not impart a sample, along with a leak proof seal.

The bigger variation of Fellow’s flagship coffee thermos is definitely the ideal gift for coffee lovers that would like taking it to the max. In case you’ve double walled winter insulation, you can be certain that your brew will continue to be piping hot for as much as twelve hours. Cold drinks are able to last as much as 24 hours.

A fellow 8oz joey mug.

One of the more marvellous coffee accessories you are able to find is this mug called after baby kangaroos. The double walled steel construction provides it with the capability to insulate your coffee throughout the early morning, and the ceramic and copper substances provide it an amazing feel and look. Simply no need to deal with the dreaded microwave!

A fellow 12oz Big Jo’ mug.

This may be a great gift for events or maybe an office staple to hold in inventory for coffee breaks. At the 12oz size, this particular mug is large enough to become a good cup of Joe, or maybe a good glass of tea also. You would be hard pressed to discover one more tumbler this way one that seems nearly as good in the hands or perhaps as great flooring your dinner table.