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Why attend Kindergarten?

Your child may be starting school in a few months, as a new year is just around the corner. We have good news after a year of turmoil and change for many families.
It’s not too late to enroll your child in one our education and care centers for the last few months 2022. It’s not too late to enroll your child in a kindergarten or preschool before they start their journey into primary school.

This year is a crucial year of learning that helps children to make sense and connect with others in specially designed learning environments.

For the top 10 benefits of our preschool and kindergarden programs, read on.

Your child will have the opportunity to attend our high-quality preschool or Hong Kong kindergarten program that is government-approved.

Confidence and a positive outlook on themselves as a learner will help you grow.
Effectively use language to communicate ideas, feelings, and needs
Learn from their peers and gain experience in a learning environment that is facilitated by a group.
Get to know your friends and join in group activities that allow them to work together
Establish positive relationships with your educators and new friends
Take care of their belongings
Engaging in challenging activities can help you build resilience and self-regulation.
Communicate confidently with adults other than their family
Literacy skills are essential for creative expression of ideas and feelings through music, art, story-telling, and dramatic play.
As they solve problems, they will develop scientific and mathematical skills.

Building relationships

Children’s educators and teachers can have a positive impact on their futures by being their learning partners. Developed and led by bachelor degree-qualified and registered early childhood teachers, our programs support children to the develop skills and dispositions to experience success as a learner in the kindergarten/preschool year and beyond.

Our programs are based on the Early Years Learning Framework’s principles, practices, and outcomes. They are purposeful and engage children and encourage learning in literacy, numeracy and the arts.

We offer more complex experiences as children move along their learning journey. This helps them develop the skills necessary for lifelong learning. We work with children to help them develop their interests and take risks in learning.

Learning and development are important

This includes the following:

Oral language is essential for literacy learning. Children are encouraged to communicate with one another, using new vocabulary, modeling correct grammar, sentence structures, singing, games, and reading to them daily.
Skills in social-emotional communication, such as the ability to regulate one’s emotions.
Through active learning, physical skills are developed.
Brain development and building the connections for all learning later through active engagement with their peers in a play-based program.

Studies show that children learn more when they are involved in an activity. Play-based learning encourages children to be active learners and supports positive developmental outcomes such as independence, creativity, resilience, curiosity, and independence.