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9 reasons to get into teaching

There’s nothing more rewarding than making a real difference in shaping the lives of children as well as inspiring them to be the most effective they could be. Below are the most compelling motives to enter the field of teaching, along with examples of some teachers currently in the field.

1. To inspire the future generation

If you become a teacher, you’ll enjoy a job that only a few people will have. In addition to teachers, they have the greatest influence on the lives of children. The tangible results you’ll observe from your students will leave you with a sense of accomplishment!

2. A true vocation

Like nurses, doctors and vets teaching is not simply the job of a. It’s a profession that is truly a calling. There are many who work to live however the rewarding nature of teaching means that teachers enjoy satisfaction that’s unmatched by any other profession!

3. An interest in the subject

There are a few people who make use of their passion for their work. Teachers have the opportunity to be passionate every day, and have the chance to foster enthusiasm in their students.

4. A clearly defined career direction

If you’re looking to advance in your career in teaching, there is a easy path to follow. From department heads to headteachers you can climb as high as you like to.

5. Salary and benefits

A career in teaching can provide an abundance of financial rewards. Teachers who have just completed their probationary years currently begin with a salary of 27.498 psu* , in Scotland. Secondary teachers earn an additional amount of PS8,000 when they wish to finish their probationary period anywhere in Scotland and primary teachers receive an extra PS6,000.

Once you’re registered, the amount increases gradually over the initial five years from PS32994 and up to PS41,412*. Head teachers also earn as much as PS98,808* in Scotland’s most prestigious schools.

6. International opportunities

The majority of countries value Scottish teacher education, and the degree you earn opens possibilities to explore the world. In Asia through North America, Australia to the Middle East, there are numerous opportunities for graduates, especially after a couple of years’ education.

7. Security of employment

In contrast to the majority within the business sector the teaching profession offers excellent job security! If you’re an Scottish pupil, then you’ll guaranteed a job for a year at the Scottish school following your graduation.

8. Great for families

Teaching is a very unique profession in many ways. If you’re married or plan to start an entire family, you’ll have the same holiday as your children. This is ideal for spending time with your children!

9. Learn to be a lifelong student

Nothing can motivate you to explore something more than teaching it! Children are always curious, asking questions you’d never think of. This lets you constantly discover new discoveries and new technologies to share with your students.