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Zuny | Brand Information

Zuny is an Home Deco brand with synthetic animal skins and leathers as the main collection.
It is true that the Zuny animals are well-known as doorknobs, bookends, and paperweights. However, there’s a lot more. House of Home offers a vast Zuny collection of animals. It includes large-sized Zuny’s and stools, wall mounts, as well as Zuny cushions.

Zuny’s are adorable as well practical. The minimalist and timeless but fun design makes Zuny’s a distinctive addition to the interior of your home.

Zuny’s core principle is to prevent injury to the animals. So, every Zuny is constructed from polyester, superfibre and iron beads. Thus, Zuny’s aren’t made from leather. They’re completely vegan!

Zuny’s come in different design series. The idea behind the Classic Series is to represent the original aesthetics of objects. With the aid of sophisticated craft, the look is still recognizable. Additionally the Zuny’s classic series are adorned with stunning features.

Zuny Series simplifies original shapes of animals. It focuses on the symbolic aspects of the animal. Additionally, because of the lively interpretation Zuny Series, Zuny Series is less realistic. It is nevertheless full of energy and imagination.

Life is supposed to be full of unexpected events. So, take a look at how Zuny creates new designs in the Special Series, exclusive for people who are willing to be unique.

Zuny Australia is the ideal present to everyone from infant to old. Zuny’s come in a beautiful backpack that can be reused, which is then packed into a sturdy carton box. It’s a great gift idea, and even more enjoyable to receive! Also, real collector’s items are also available.

A great way for you to experience the Zuny is to take one in your hands to feel its weight, and look at every curve and detail closer.

Zuny is a renowned international brand of home decor that is rooted in handicrafts using synthetic leather. Famous for its paperweights, doorstops and bookends, Zuny is a creative way to reduce the distance between their products and their owners through the application of soft curves that enhance the vivid pictures of the objects. Zuny’s brand is based upon the desire to bring the simple and timeless aesthetics back into everyday life and creating a welcoming home that everybody longs for.

Within each Zuny bookend, paperweight, doorstop, and huge are fillings made of top-quality polyester cotton and tiny metal beads that give them a comfortable yet robust feeling. They also insist on not harming innocent animal; they use a super-fiber synthetic leathers that is completely vegan friendly.

A highly recommended brand from the well-known Parisian company Maison et Objet that is older than 15 years, Zuny products can be found in more than 1000 stores around the world.

Zunys can be classified in four different functions: bookstop, paperweight and the giant stool). It doesn’t matter if you want to have a Robin paperweight for your office desk , or an Hippo stool to relax your legs after a long day at job, Zuny has got you covered.