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What Is A Towball?

Towbar accessories are a crucial purchase to improve the security and comfort of towing.

Starting from simple towbar covers up to ALKO stabilisers, there’s a numerous accessories for towbars available.

To assist you in making the best purchase for your situation We’ve:

– The possible accessories that are available
– Explains how each towbar’s accessory enhances the performance of the other.

and suggested a particular scenario in which this accessory towbar could be beneficial.


Do you realize that various types of towballs are able to help to tow different objects? Now you know.

There are two major towballs. The one is the traditional 50mm, which is called the Z11. This towball is made to meet all of your basic towing needs, including trailers, horseboxes and boat towing and so on. This towball comes as standard on all towbars.

If you’re towing a caravan equipped with ALKO stabilisers, there’s a particular ALKO compatible towball called the Z13. It has a larger shaft beneath the ball to ensure that it can be used with an ALKO hitch will be able to be connected to it in a proper manner.

The best thing about Z11 and Z13 is that they are interchangeable. Z11 as well as the Z13 is that they’re interchangeable. So, you can switch them out whenever you need to.

As an example, suppose you have a towbar that is used for regular towing of a trailer, and during summer, you bring your caravan to Cornwall. In this scenario it would be best to utilize the Z11 for towing your trailer, and in the summer you’d change to the Z13 to tow your caravan. You would rub the paint off the towball in order to stop the hitch of your caravan from squeaking during driving. Simple.

Note: Towballs can only be interchangeable with a flange-style towbar

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Universal Ball and Pin Couplings

This is for all commercial tow’ers.

It is the law that states the proper towball height between 350mm and 420mm.

What can you do when you run an enterprise that has a assortment of trailers that can be used to transport equipment?

In this instance you’d need to purchase an universal coupling. This Ball or Pin couplings have been specifically made to meet the needs for fleets of mixed trailers.

For those who are more technically adept Our universal couplings have been precisely engineered to allow complete articulation in both the jaw as well as on the ball. They are all tested to REG55.


Did you realize that UK is recognized for its rain? Sure, I’m sure you’ve heard of that.

Because it is rainy a lot the towbar is likely be subject to very harsh outdoor weather conditions. If you’re looking to protect your towball from weather elements when it’s not being used buying the towbar covers is an excellent option to ensure it is in good condition.

However, as you’ve learned that different towbars may not be exactly the same. That’s why we’ve designed a range of covers for towbars to accommodate the different needs.

Let’s take them one at a time:

Towball Boot

Our towball boot, which is flexible, is made to fit all of our regular towbars fitted with the Z11 towball. It provides protection to the towball as well as other coupling components the towball boot cover prevents the bolts and nuts of the towbar from becoming rusty.

ALKO Cover

Like our towball boot cover Similar to our towball boot cover, the ALKO towball cover was designed for any towbar flange with an Z13 towball, which can be used to tow anything that is equipped with the ALKO stabiliser. This cover also provides the ability to resist rust.

Swan Neck Towball Cover

This Swan Neck Towball cover provides protection for the towball of any towbars with swan necks. The durable polyethene covers help to shield your towball from weather extremes along with road and dirt.

Detachable Weather Cover

This Detachable Weather cover was made to provide protection to the neck housing of any towbar that can be detachable. When the neck is detachable the cover will be placed within the housing, securing it until you are ready to utilize the neck.

Stowbar Weather Cover

This Stowbar weather cover was designed to fit any Stowbar removable towbars, silver or gold necks equipped with a semi-automatic system.

Bumper Shields

We’ve had it… Early one morning, the drizzle is coming down hard, and you are tying up the caravan only to crash into the front bumper and leave a sloppy scratch on the brand new Land Rover.

To stop this catastrophe to avoid it happening, we’ve created several attractive, durable bumper shields to safeguard your vehicle. It is easily bolted to the necks of your towbars, it functions as a protective layer that prevents any accidents from happening even in the most unpredictable weather conditions.


This is a towbar attachment that we are sure all the window cleaners and builders will appreciate.

Just by connecting it to your towbar coupling, a towed step allows an easy access to the rear or on the roof of your vehicle.

There is no need to jump into and out of the back to retrieve equipment or trying to lift ladders off the roof. The towstep is a must-have item for any large commercial or fleet vehicles.


Another towbar option that is very popular with commercial companies is either automatic or manual winches.

Attached to the trailer of a boat or on an empty truck’s flatbed, or in the frame of a vehicle winches are a useful assistance in a variety of situations when you have to move something that can’t be towable.

If, for instance, you are employed on a farm, or in the construction industry, purchasing a winch towbar could make a perfect towbar accessory for your car.