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Motorhome Essentials Every Van Needs

How do you pack a motorhome/camper? How do you pack a motorhome or campervan? Here are the top 10 essential items every motorhome/campervan should have before they set off on their trip.
Motorhome Essentials – What do you actually need for your motorhome?

Yes, I do. You find a motorhome to purchase, and all of sudden your wallet opens.

So. Much. Stuff.

It’s sometimes difficult to know which essentials for your motorhome are necessary and which ones are just… nice.

Here’s the list. These are essential items that every campervan or motorhome should possess.

Some are necessary for daily life in the van. Some are critical for safety.

Essential campervans parts & accessories


To fill your water tanks you will need a flexible hosepipe. We recommend a minimum of 10-15m in length. The best hose for food use is food grade. Flat hoses are easier to store than a proper hose.

You will also require connectors. We use the Hoselock Connector and brass adaptors for Europe to fit different size taps. Remember to bring the connectors along! (I have so many that I lost all over Europe- oops! The cap for the water tanks is genius. Simply attach yourhose to it and leave it until it is full.

240v volt Electric cable

A 25m long 240v electric cord is good. However, it should not be left untied when it’s in use. Spread it on the ground outside of your van. It’s much easier to store it on a separate reel than on a reel. Also, it doesn’t mean we get lazy and just leave it hanging on the reel. The motorhome storage box is where we keep ours, but it’s also possible to store it in an inner locker or garage.

You’ll likely also need a splitter, as there are plenty of campsites with insufficient sockets. A European adapter, a 240v power plug, and a European wall plug are all you will need.

Gas Bottle

You can either have exchangeable or refillable bottles. If you are planning to spend a lot of time in the UK, it is best to stick with exchangeable bottles. It is common to use a 30mm size. Although refillable can be cheaper if used frequently, LPG is getting more difficult to come by in the UK.


Talking about gas, if your fridge isn’t already 3-way, you should. The convenience of running on either gas or leisure battery is invaluable.

Levelling chocks

One night at an unholy angle is all it takes to see that levelling chocks become a motorhoming necessity.

We highly recommend Jumbo storage bags. They are slightly larger than the smaller but offer so much more utility. You can use the storage bag to protect them from getting wet/muddy.

Mud Mats

Talking of mud… Have you ever been stuck on a muddy field during a camper-vacation? We’ve been there, and it wasn’t fun.

I don’t believe we would’ve gotten out without the mudmats. I joked that they weren’t necessary, but I was wrong! They are an indispensable accessory to your motorhome. !

Essential safety kit for motorhomes

A carbon monoxide detection is necessary if gas is onboard. Also, a smoke detector. A combined unit can be very useful. An extinguisher and fire blanket are also helpful. After the motorhome fire, we are INSISTENT in these things.

Additional safety equipment includes:

First Aid Kit, Warning Triangle (with fuses), spare bulb and fuses, basic toolkit, basic toolkit, and head torch. This kit has all that you need, plus more.

While we’re on this topic, don’t forget to secure your vehicle. For additional safety, we fitted a motorhome locking system.
Tyre Repair Kit

While we don’t like to think about the possibility, it happens. It can be a flat tire. Many motorhomes don’t carry a spare tyre, they only have a kit to repair tyres. It’s important that the system is heavy-duty and suitable for large cars.

Sat Nav

You need a proper satnav for your motorhome. No question about it. It’s too big to be dared with.

Motorhome Essentials- Wing-mirror protectors

These are among the best things you will buy. This is a great investment. There are two types of long arms: make sure you choose the right one to fit your camper or motorhome.

Essential Motorhome accessories to live in

Once you begin to use your motorhome, there will be many things you need, even if you only stay for one night.
Toilet paper & Toilet chemicals

You don’t need to buy expensive toilet paper for your motorhome. You will find the most affordable stuff in your local supermarket. It is perfect if it dissolves quickly.

But we do recommend toilet cleaners. We’ve tried several types of chemicals, including detergent tabs. These were okay but didn’t stop odors.

Bedding & mattress toppers

You need to use quality motorhome bedding. We don’t like sleeping bags. We prefer quality duvets and pillows. If you want to sleep well, a mattress topper is an essential item.


Motorhomes that are used a lot will require cleaning. We have tried many different brands and concluded that Dyson vacuum cleaners are worth every penny. Choose the model that comes with a 12v charger. To reach the corners you will need a brush and a small dustpan.

Essential accessories for the motorhome- Plates & cutlery

There are many choices. Melamine is tough and can withstand being dropped by accident. Amazon has tons of choices. The same applies to cutlery and motorhome-mugs.

Aside from that, you don’t need to buy a lot of them – just enough to get one per person. Guests who are invited for coffee may bring their own mugs/ plates.

Other essential accessories

Here are some tips. Make sure you change as many interior lamps as possible to LED. Your battery power will be greatly appreciated, especially if camping is your plan.

Also, be sure to purchase a way for your phone/ipad to charge using the 12v sockets at its front.