Glitter is among those substances we love to incorporate to add a bit of spark and excitement to makeup. It is a great ingredient to use in creams and lotions to add a tiny sparkle, or to the lip gloss to add a little sparkle, or even directly on the skin to create stunning and striking makeup effects. If you buy your craft stores or on the internet you might be enticed to buy a fresh glitter type, size, or color. However, cosmetic glitter and craft glitter aren’t exactly identical. The use of craft glitter on hair or skin can be quite hazardous.

Craft Glitter

Craft glitter is available in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colors. It is generally created using materials that can “hold” themselves to create projects and can be colored with various dyes. This makes the use of glitter for crafts in cosmetics a tempting option. You might see a design or color that’s stunning and unique however, if you choose to apply craft glitter to your cosmetics, you might receive a rude surprise. Craft glitter is created and created for use in the making of crafts, but the materials used to create the glitter are not accepted from the FDA. It is not just possible to be being a target for the FDA and the FDA, but you may be able to find that the substances use cause irritation on the skin, or the color of the glitter could be absorbed into the skin. In addition, you may cause skin damage making a cut in the skin. The material that is used to create the glitter could contain metal shavings. Consider rubbing metal shavings onto your skin. It’s for these reasons that it’s essential to use glitter for cosmetic use.

Cosmetic Glitter

Although the FDA hasn’t formally approved “glitter” as cosmetic ingredients but it does regulate and approve colors and other materials that are employed in cosmetics. This includes the color as well as the materials used in cosmetic glitter. Cosmetic glitter is made of plastics that don’t harm the skin. It is also dyed using FDA approved colorants which will not cause skin irritation. Cosmetic glitter is also formed into forms that do not contain sharp edges that can damage the skin or eyes when placed on the eye region. But, it is important to use the greatest care when applying anything on the eyes.

Check out this recipe for a delicious and easy-to-make Glitter Stick!

Glitter Stick

Make your own sparkle using this simple and enjoyable to make Glitter Stick. It’s ideal for adding a bit of sparkle or lots! You can add more or less glitter the amount you prefer! The recipe below contains an amount of shimmer that is moderate, so you are you are free to alter the amount the amount as you’d like.

Equipment You’ll require

Mixing bowl


Melt the vegan lip balms until they are completely liquid, around 160F.
Mix in Glitter (and the color if you want)
Cool to 135F-140F.
Continue to stir while pouring off into lipstick tubes. Stirring will allow the glitter to be suspended within the base of the Vegan Lip Balm.

It is important to note that this recipe hasn’t been tested in a test of efficiency in preservation. If you decide to use this recipe for sales in a market it is up to you to make sure that the product is safe. product.