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Considerations When Shopping For Fireworks

Are you planning a fireworks show for your family or friends? The trick is to know the most effective fireworks to purchase.

An amazing fireworks show begins with a variety of excellent fireworks. For those who are new to the world of fireworks, the choices can be overwhelming with so numerous options. Here we’ll provide information on purchasing fireworks and tips for planning your own fireworks display for the UK.

Are you excited for the perfect fireworks show for your backyard? Here’s the ultimate guide on the best fireworks to purchase and how to organize your display.

Types of Fireworks

There are many different types of fireworks that aren’t identically, so you have to be selective about the options you go for. The distinct differences between kinds of fireworks can make the choice overwhelming. As a result, we’ve created a list of the most widely used fireworks effects that are available throughout the UK.

Aerial Bombshell Fireworks

A single shot of firework that launches a fused shell into the air, before blasting off. Aerial Bombshells create the biggest single blast in the sky with heights up to 30m. (a 10-story building)


A daytime effect that launches parachutes with the Canadian flag. Parachutes in the daytime leave a trail of smoke trails on their way as they float to the ground.

Roman Candles

Roman candles are cardboard tubes that eject effects like glittering stars, coloured stars, comets, or floral bursts one at a time that can reach up to 35m (a 11-story building)

Multishot Cakes

Cakes are made of multiple tubes gathered together to create what is known as a “cake” appearance device.

They vary in size between 9 shots and 100 shots and everything in between. They can last from 50 seconds.

There are three types of cakes.

Fanned: The tubes are placed in a fan-like arrangement inside the cake in order that it fires left and right, and straight up

Vertical- all tubes shoot straight upwards

Single Colour- cakes with all one colour, great for gender reveal or a theme of colour for your show

What’s great about cakes is you need only to light one fuse to make a lot happen up in the air.

Up to 60m high (a 19 story building)


An firework-themed mine one shot that causes an eruption that resembles a volcano. It is characterized by coloured stars that can be combined with whistles or crackling stars. (Think that of a shooting that produces a birdshot effect.)

PRO Tip Mines provide a fantastic graphic “punch” throughout your show, and also in your final.

Heights up to 50m. (a 16-story building)


They’re usually single-shot fireworks that release tiny flashes or jangle into the sky, some with comet tails and others with whistles.

Ground/ Non-Aerials

As suggested by the name The fireworks that fall under this category are all ground-based. This means that the effects can be observed at a close distance, and will probably remain in your backyard.

Here are a few non-aerial firework options you can test out.


These are usually round cards or plastic discs that are nailed to a post and ignited to create the most beautiful spinning wheel with sparkle.

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Ground Spinners

Like the wheels, ground spinners impress firework enthusiasts thanks to their spin, however, these fireworks feature rocket-like spinners that spin on the ground after they are they are lit. Ground Spinners offer a good amount of light, usually changing shades to create an attractive effect.


If you want to enjoy a more peaceful display, it is recommended to consider fountains for firework. These are very popular because they give plenty of light and colour but none of the loud sound of fireworks that are affixed to the sky.

Fountains emit a shower of sparks that are vibrant, just like water fountains. They come in various sizes and shapes, based on the amount of lasting effect you’re after.


There’s nothing more beautiful than the sparkler. But it’s an old-fashioned classic. What memories are created from…

Sparklers are hand-held firework which burns slowly while emitting bright, intense sparkling flames, colors, along with other outcomes. They’re perfect for birthday cakes or even stuck in the ground for an enthralling light show. Available in lengths that range from 30 seconds up to 3 minutes!

Smoke Grenades

While technically not a firework they are popular for daytime effects such as photography, weddings gender reveals, hiking, camping, among others. Simply pull the pin and massive amounts of vibrant smoke is produced!

Cake Fountains

You can make your guests smile with these beautiful silver cake fountains! Simple to light, leaves no trace on the cake. They’re almost smokeless, a pleasure to use and a joy to gaze at. Place them on the cake or distribute them to your guests, available in 30 sec or 60 sec lengths.

Use our Sparkle Clips attach to a wine bottle or your preferred drink.

Tips for Choosing the Right Fireworks

If you’re now familiar with the different types of fireworks, you’ll need to know how to choose. Here are the tips for selecting the most suitable one.

Security is the most important thing.

The dangers of fireworks shouldn’t be ignored with about 71 reported cases resulting in burns. It is therefore essential to be safe when conducting your fireworks show.

Here are the most important safety considerations you should adhere to;

Select the appropriate fireworks for the place you intend to begin the fireworks. There are a variety of fireworks available and some will be better suited for the location than others, aspects like the height, distance from the left side to the right and noise and so on.

Store fireworks in a cool, dry space and keep them from children. The maximum amount of fireworks that may be stored within a house is 10 kilograms gross weight. Any amount in excess of this amount must be stored in a separate, locked structure.

Transport fireworks in your trunk or in the absence of an actual trunk (e.g. van, pick-up truck), transport fireworks in a non-sparking container with lid. Do not smoke while loading the fireworks, moving them or unloading them.

Find a space with an open view from cars, buildings overhead obstructions, grass or other plants that could catch the fire. A minimum of 30 m by 30 metres is necessary for the use of fireworks that are safe and 20 m x20 m for fountains and other items on the ground. Make sure that spectators are at least 20 m from the area.

Every firework has written instructions on the label and the required safety distance. ensure that you follow them.

Respect all local laws and provincial laws regarding the use of fireworks.

Don’t give fireworks to anyone under 18 years of age. They are fun for families but they are hot and explode projectiles with force, and should be handled by adults only with respect.

Make sure you are familiar with your fireworks in advance. Note the various kinds and locations of fuses since there are many kinds.

Never attempt to take fireworks apart or modify them in any way.

PRO Tip: Make sure that you setup the fireworks to ensure that all fuse are located on one side. This means you won’t have to search for the fuse in the dark.

Always have water available such as the garden hose or buckets of water.

Be cautious of lighting fireworks when it’s windy. If you’re in doubt about whether it’s too windy, you can light just one fireworks as a test shot. Then, watch carefully to see what effect the wind can have. If you’re still unsure you’re not sure, it’s always better to stay clear of the situation.

The shooter and all assistants should ALWAYS wear eye protection . Protect your eyes with safety glasses or safety goggles. The standard prescription sunglasses or glasses provide little or no protection and can actually cause injury. Wear clothing that is not flammable, such as cotton. Never wear synthetic fibres (nylon, polyester) while firing.

Do not allow smoking near the place where fireworks are being stored in the setup area, or where they are being used.

Keep unlit fireworks away from the area where you fire them and in a box which is secured so that sparks from stray firework cannot enter the. It should be placed upwind from your firing line.

Cakes and other items that require the base on a solid flat, level surface to ensure the stability. Grass is typically not suitable, lay down wood/plywood.

Place cylinders like roman candles or barrages 1/3 to 1/2 their length in one of the buckets of sand wheelbarrow full of sand or the digging of a trench or hole in the ground.

Set the pieces back from the audience by 5-10 degrees. If your floor is wet or even muddy and the piece could be dug up for some time, consider putting it in bags of plastic prior to insertion in the soil.

Make use of a flashlight or with a headlamp so that your fuse is clearly visible and you are not stumbling around in darkness.

Use a flare to light fireworks, handles and flares or a propane torch equipped with trigger or an extended butane light device. Light with an extended arm, then retire.

PRO Tip- Use our 15-minute flares along with Our Shooting Stick handle and light as the pros!

Never allow any portion of your body to go over top of the firework device.

If a piece of equipment doesn’t glow easily or light only to then stop, don’t approach the item for 30 minutes. Never try to re-light.

This is called an ‘hang fire’ and there is a chance that the fuse could be glowing and it could come back to life unexpectedly. Soak in a bucket of water overnight then dispose of.

After the show wait 30 minutes prior to beginning cleaning in case of a firework resulting in a hang fire. Be sure to wash all spent materials and debris after the show and eliminate them. You should leave your site cleaner than when you found it!

Never burn used fireworks or casings inside a bonfire, fire pit or fireplace.

And finally, and most importantly make sure you are considerate of your neighbours.

It is important to let them know you’re going to be lighting fireworks? it shows that you’re paying attention to them and will make all the difference in having a happy neighbor and an angry neighbors. If they are pet owners, they can do their best to limit the impact of noise through closing windows, turning on the TV or music.

Be aware of your effects

What effect do you wish the fireworks to create? Understanding the various effects and breaks can help you in selecting fireworks that fit your style.

Here are some of the effects you can look forward to for the various fireworks for the consumer.

Comets: this effect of fireworks can cause a trail of sparks that flies in the air.

Crossettes: work up in a single camet, and then break up into a variety of comets to end up with a cross shape.

Brocade The fireworks have a long tail that ends with a spider-like effect in the sky.

Fishes: The aerial effect appears to be the movement of a group of fish in the air. It’s an attractive spectacular view that can make a great display.

Palm: draws its name from the leaves of palms that originate from a single source. The glitter and sparks rise high, but then break into a palm after some time.

Ring: The effect forms rings of stars that appear in the sky.

Spinner: If the spinning and swaying your grass, take a look at the fun with the spinner.

Star The effect is limited to candles that are roman. However, it is the fireworks display shoots groups of stars.

Strobe It is possible that you’ll like the look of faded rays and tempting, therefore you must think about fireworks strobe effects.

Whistles It’s an eerie sound when the rocket takes off in the sky.

Willow: The effect creates what appears to be a willow leaf in the heavens. Although it isn’t a popular effect with the majority of consumer fireworks however, you can search for it.

Spray: fireworks with this effect produce small bursts of sparks or stars which are attractive.

Understanding the effects is crucial before purchasing rockets. You can thus pre-determine what the fireworks display will look like.

Imagine the firing Equipment

What are you thinking of doing when starting your fireworks in preparation for the display? It is important to think about the firing equipment since they’re as important as the fireworks themselves.

In order to actually film the show It is recommended to opt for the latest digital technology. Some shooting equipment has wireless capabilities that allow for an extended separation between the effects.