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Anime Figures Look Better than Ever

The collecting of anime figures is currently experiencing a rise in popularity, with ever more people embracing the hobby. This has resulted in an increased number of firms making anime-themed figures, and an growth in the range and quantity of figures being made. The present state of the market is thrilling with new figures released every day. Actually, I cannot keep up with all the volume of anime character preorders that are released.

Animation Figures Have a New Look

If you’re a collector there’s plenty to be excited about. There are tons of figures available in the present and the quality generally is only getting better. In the past, many reports were basic. Simple isn’t bad. Simple is excellent. However, the issue in “simple” can be that it’s just plain. Today, anime figures come with elaborate designs. The majority of them now have numerous interchangeable accessories as well as backgrounds. They have more exciting poses. Although they’re not many, there are also a few that feature interesting gimmicks, like parts that flash with LED lights , and some which have clothing made of real fabric. Every now and every now and then, we receive large (1:1 dimension) figures.

The Price of a Figure is Going up

The prices of manga scale figurines have risen dramatically over the past 8 years. In 2015, it was possible to pre-order high-quality scale figures ranging from 10,000 to Y=8,000. The prices continued to rise. It is not surprising to find the same quality at a cost that exceeds Y=30,000. The most recent increase in prices occurred in the final quarter of 2022. We witnessed companies such as FuRyu, Kadokawa and FREEing increase the limits of price figures to ridiculous levels.

Global inflation is increasing. It is also evident that the Japanese Yen’s value is declining. Add to that the rising manufacturing costs in China and you get the result. One could argue the companies pricing their goods too high, just as businesses such as Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya and Alter struggled to keep their prices affordable. I’ve always believed that Alter’s price was outrageously high, however, the positive is that they can produce top quality.

The recent 200%-300 percent price increase seems excessive. Fuel prices haven’t gone up as much, and it’s difficult to locate a different item that’s more popular than oil. If you find an organization such as FuRyu that provides low quality numbers at a that is higher than Alter and Alter, you begin to think that there’s more than the economics of the situation at the mix. It’s likely that greed is a factor in the problem. The unfortunate part is that prices won’t likely to fall even when global inflation rates drop, or even after the Japanese Yen is able to recover.

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So Many New Figure Companies Coming Out

In the present there are a lot of figures companies launching and making new figures. I regularly do pre-orders for figures roundups , and it’s becoming increasingly hard to stay on top of the new companies that are releasing figures. It’s especially difficult to locate information about Chinese firms that aren’t found on MyFigureCollection. MyFigureCollection database.

It is possible to ask what the significance of this. The world of anime figures is an industry in which quality control is crucial, especially since anime figures are expensive items. New companies that provide terrible quality aren’t uncommon, but they do occur often.

The need to Police the quality of anime figures

In the past Collectors hated Griffon Enterprises because they delivered figures of poor quality. Griffon Enterprises eventually failed. Fortunately they did improve their product quality prior to their death. Collectors today are cautious about companies such as FOTS Japan Pulchra as well as their siblings B’Full, Apricot Blossom, and Insight. They produce cheap 3D-printed figures that come that come with horrible packaging. This meant that the figurines actually broke in transit.

Given the popularity of the anime or manga figures, and the prices at that they are sold I wouldn’t be shocked if fly-by-night firms are willing to accept pre-orders for stunning figures and cost a lot of cash but then vanish after making an easy buck by sacrificing the quality.

What’s the future of the hobby of collecting anime figurines in 2023? Nobody really knows the exact its future use, but here are some of my forecasts.

New Companies Will Continue to Come Out

I am sure that new companies who produce anime characters will continue making appearances. More companies will be which originate from China. Certain of them will make high-quality figures that are comparable to Chinese manufacturer of figures like Hobby Max and APEX. Some of them will produce cheap-quality figures, so be looking out for these.

FuRyu Kadokawa and Freeing Inflict Further Price Increases on Figures

I am expecting FuRyu, Kadokawa and FREEing to remain on this course by raising the cost of their pre-orders. The three will draw the public’s ire and could suffer sales. Some other businesses will also become greedy and could use the same pricing system. Through the history of humanity greed has always been a constant , and I can’t imagine that changing. Ever.

The Expanding Chinese Economy is likely to increase Price of the

Many people believe that figure manufacturing takes place in Japan. But the reality is that only the planning stage that includes prototyping figures occurs in Japan. As it progresses into the manufacturing phase that process is transferred to China. In addition, the Chinese economic growth is currently expanding at a rapid rate. The cost of labor along with working hours have grown substantially, and this is great for the citizens of China. In the other world that relies of Chinese workers, these results could be seen in higher costs. What are the options for companies to take? Perhaps it’s time to shift work from China to countries that have lower costs of labor, such as Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Some Collectors will be burned out by the high prices

I believe that Y=25k is going to be the norm for 1/7 scales, 1/6 and 1/8 and 1/4 scales could go towards 45k. Numerous companies are exploring these rates. I’m sure certain collectors will be exhausted by the high costs of new figures and may decide to quit the hobby or will opt to purchase used figures that are cheap. I hope I’m not however.

Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya along with Alter Will Prevail

GSC, Kotobukiya, and Alter will continue to provide excellent quality figures at affordable costs. These companies are driven by greed and attempt to slash their prices.

FOTS Japan and Pulchra will continue to thrive

Yes FOTS Japan, Pulchra, and all of its counterparts will continue to flourish. It is because they charge figures extremely high, and the costs remain extremely low by sacrificing quality and distributing inexpensive 3D-printed models. While many collectors are hesitant to purchase these figures, they don’t need to sell many figures to earn profits.

Azur Lane Fans Brace for More Azur Lane Figures

Before the pandemic erupted the world, we’ve seen numerous FGO statistics that typically refer to them as FGO-fes. There are still a few FGO figures time, but that train has gone from the station. In the next year, I’m expecting additional Azur Lane figures to be released and be out as preorders. My wallet isn’t safe. I’d like to see more 1/7 scales rather as 1/4 scales.

Expect More Atelier Ryza Characters

There’s now an abundance of Ryza figures available to drown your body in her legs. There is a chance for many more Ryza models to be revealed in the coming year.

Rem figures will be an Expendable

As if we didn’t already already have plenty of Rem figures. The Rem legend will continue to flourish this year. Even though it’s been six years since the last time we were able to see Rem (not including Season 2 as she was inactive throughout the season) Expect more prize and scale models of her.

Expect More Data from Chinese IPs

This year, we could anticipate more statistics from Chinese IPs as well as Chinese producers. China has grown to become a huge fan of anime and is only going to continue growing. This is until it gets taken over to the CCP. If that happens then the Chinese figures market may be in a downward spiral.

Shipping Costs will Continue to Increase

Experts predict that gas prices will fall for 2023 but I’m skeptical. Prices for gas only increase and don’t really go down for long. It may go down for a while, but it’ll always back up. I’m not an optimist. It’s more of a pragmatic viewpoint. In the absence of a global mandate set in place the demand for gasoline will only increase. We all know that prices will rise. For those who collect figures it could mean greater cost of shipping.