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5 Advantages of Buying Connetix

As a mother of three It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of toys available for kids. We’re bombarded by advertisements regarding what they require. Many advertise that they can aid in their development and learning.

I’ve been on a quest for minimalism over the last three years. I felt overwhelmed by the mess, and the piles of toys on the flooring stressed me out. My kids weren’t playing properly with the toys they had, and I felt that I had to tidy up after them frequently.

We got rid of more than 50% of their toys, and my oldest son was excited about it. He decided on what to keep or to sell, and put the proceeds in his jam Jars.

We’ve got rid of the majority of noisy batteries, plastic toys, and only a handful of high-quality toys remain.

I bought a few cheap magnetic tiles from a renowned department shop to test if my kids would enjoy playing with the tiles. They were quite popular but I discovered that the magnets weren’t as strong and their designs would come into the floor quickly.

I conducted some research about brands, and the majority of responses and comments were for Connetix. I used the money I earned from selling the tiles for sale, along with other toys, to purchase 100 packs. It was incredible. It was so much better than the ones we used to have. I came back to purchase another 100 pack, and then the Mega pack after it came out as well as some plates.

Here are five reasons you should have Connetix for your daily life

1. Open ended.

They’re the ultimate, toy that is open-ended. If you’re looking for less toys that can do more, this could be what you’re looking for. I am amazed by the many ways ceramic tiles are utilized. They can create designs on the floor, on a fridge or whiteboard or leaning against windows. They can also be stacked into the form of a tower. They can create the appearance of a rainbow. They could be an avenue, a tunnel or cubby box for hiding toys.

My boys are obsessed with testing the walls to find out where they will stick and to create elevator buttons. They create pretend radios and drone controllers. They study science engineering, technology, and math (STEM) and allow the children to be imaginative. Visit their social media accounts to get endless ideas on how to use them.

2. Portable.

They are great to take when you go on vacation. Recently, we took vacation to the beach, and then were in a small home. I only brought toys for babies and cars, as well as art activities and Connetix to keep our three boys during the entire week. On one day, we had 9 year old boys over. They played for two hours with Connetix together with our oldest son on our tiny veranda. The lure of the play area opposite was enough to keep the children from their playground.

Their father was awestruck by the amazing toy. It captured their interest in a way that he hasn’t experienced before. He asked them what it called, and then emailed his wife immediately with Google hyperlinks to purchase. I’ll take them with me on all trips going forward since they are amazing and versatile.

3. All Ages.

Connetix is great for any age. From three to over, Connetix is loved by everyone. I am awed by the fact that children discover many uses for it and how their interactions change as they grow older. Even as an adult, I am a fan of creating with them as well as exploring new ideas.

I enjoy watching my cousins as well as aunties, uncles, and grandparents arrive and play with the Connetix tiles 100 piece set. Intergenerational play is a joy to observe. There have been numerous moment when kids have gone off to play outside , and the adults continued to play, commenting that they’d love to have a set of toys for Christmas!

4. They are secure.

The magnets are secure inside each tile by the use of ultrasonic welding as well as rivets. Connetix are tested regularly and meet standards of safety for consumer toys. They are safe, BPA free and pthalate free food-grade plastic.

Contrary to the less expensive versions, Connetix prides itself on producing a product that’s safely tested and suitable for children. If you look at both brands it is easy to tell the distinction. I’ll never look back!

5. They’re a an excellent value in terms of price.

I estimated that if you invest $300 in Connetix and your kids use them every day during the whole year say , 300 per year, and then have them for five years (say 3-8 years old) it will amount up to 1500 hours. That’s a whopping 20 cents per usage! I don’t think it’s an issue when you think about the situation this way.

As with Lego, Duplo and train tracks, I believe that Connetix will be worth each cent. They’ll be in use for a long time and will become a favorite within your home. If, for any reason, they aren’t being utilized, you can sell them for a similar cost you paid for them for (and think of it as hiring them for free).

Don’t just rely on my words for it, go through the numerous reviews or inquire. Connetix are a well-known brand for an reason. I would suggest looking at them and think about buying a few packs.

You can sell your unwanted (or irritating) toys to pay for them as well as other things in your home which you no longer want. You could request funds for Connetix for birthdays or Christmas If your family members are seeking ideas. I’ve had fiver parties where guests could bring $5 for an item of a larger size should they wish to, which helps reduce the waste of unnecessary smaller items. Consider using Connetix. I’m sure you will be happy!