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Why Use Corporate Videos?

Any type of video content for companies is called corporate video. Many corporate videos are now hosted online. They can be used for multiple purposes, such as employee training and company promotion. Or they could simply be used to promote the company’s website.
Marketers and companies are increasingly using video and video marketing to communicate with their audiences. Aside from the fact that video production equipment is now cheaper, even our phones can be used to record simple videos.

Video content for corporate video usually targets the right audience or employees. Usually, multiple employees are involved. Many examples of corporate videos show the variety of uses for a corporate video. Corporate video content is used for promotional purposes or educational purposes by most corporations.

Below are the most common ones, including: employee training, investor relations, corporate communications, and media releases.

1. Communication for corporate purposes
2. Testimonials
3. Information for shareholders and investors
4. Press release
5. Training for staff
6. Video marketing

Large organizations use video to promote their brands, increase brand recognition or explain the benefits of a new product. Recent trends in marketing include video marketing and promotion. Video marketing has been proven to be more effective than other methods and helped companies increase their revenues by 49%.

1. What are the main purposes for corporate video?

The creation of corporate video content has many benefits, including improved communication, self-promotion, and prestige.

Brand awareness is the level of positive recognition that your company or brand has in a particular market. Today, most companies integrate a brand awareness strategy into their marketing campaigns.

Marketing teams are now more focused than ever on increasing brand awareness in an economy that favors well-respected brands over less-known ones.

2. How to make a corporate video that is engaging

All types of videos are often created by video production companies. There are many types of video production. I will only mention some: film and TV, commercials. Corporate videos, product videos. Customer testimonials. Marketing videos. Event videos. Weddings.

Many companies specialize in a particular industry, such as corporate or fashion. It is because some companies require video agencies with specialized knowledge in a particular field. However, this can be useful but not essential. Most companies include any service within the video production industry.

Today’s competition is fierce. Simply creating videos might not get you the response that you want. This must be original, creative, and inspiring in order to build a powerful and effective video strategy.

It is difficult to create engaging video content. However, it is possible. Video content must be original, powerful, and engaging. Here are three ingredients that will make your videos look more attractive and provide a better experience for viewers.

1. Storytelling

Storytelling is the art of revealing a portion of your story, or set of arguments, in a compelling and timely manner. There are many storytelling techniques that can be used to improve the quality of your video story.

Are you familiar with the viral Chinese commercial featuring a young Chinese man? The commercial shows the daily life of a young man on his way to work. It demonstrates how he can help everyone along the way and enlightens everyone.

Storytelling is the ability to convey emotion through stories. It stimulates imagination and transports audiences to a different reality.

2. Inspire

Inspirational videos are more engaging and easier to remember for viewers. They also tend to go viral more often.

You need to understand your audience’s values, reach their emotions and create an inspirational video. Inspiration is more than just a contagious feeling. It is a value that every company wants to be recognized for.

3. Sparks curiosity

Marketers use curiosity to attract attention in one of their most creative ways. You can increase your watch time and attract more attention by creating curiosity in the first minutes of your video.

Carnegie Mellon University researchers found that the best way to ignite curiosity is to use the information gap theory.