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Whiteboard planners in the office

You might wonder if the whiteboard still has a place in this age of technology. Whiteboards are still useful in learning and business. Surprisingly, whiteboards are used most by the technologically literate. Evernote and Apple both recognize the advantages whiteboards offer as a planning tool.
Hence, Why Do They Survive in this Technological Age

A whiteboard is quick, simple, and clear. You don’t need to worry about updating software or worrying about internet connectivity. A whiteboard can be used to show key information in a group setting, such as an office or workshop. It is easy to make changes and everyone feels empowered.

For visual people, whiteboards can be especially useful. They allow you to clearly see what is happening. They can be used to track many business metrics such as: You can use them to track many business metrics, e.g., spending, debt, income. Although you may prefer to create your entire spreadsheet electronically, planner whiteboards can be a great way for you to highlight the key points.

This is a great place to post important dates and reminders so everyone can see them clearly. You might also choose to display important company goals on a board to remind the whole team about their direction.

Whiteboards can be agile

A whiteboard can be a valuable tool if your business practices agile planning. It often outperforms other electronic tools. Many people feel that a physical chart displayed on a whiteboard at work is more real than an email copy of the same chart.

A whiteboard is a tangible, similar to an index card. A whiteboard pen can be used to write on a task board and then you can remove the pen if you decide to change your mind. This is more tangible than just pressing a delete button on an app. Sticky PostIt notes can make this even more apparent. You can attach them to a whiteboard, then move them around.

Combine whiteboards with technology to improve your planning

It’s funny to see that even technology companies love whiteboards for planning. Evernote, the company behind the note-taking app is an example. Their Redwood City, California office has walls of whiteboards.

The majority of Evernote’s innovations begin as whiteboard points. Whiteboards are big, fast and easy to use. Even though we love our electronic devices, whiteboards can’t compete for these three essential qualities. It doesn’t matter if you have to wait for a whiteboard to load. Your whiteboard will never go flat and is charged every time you turn it on. A whiteboard doesn’t require any training, but it will highlight how messy your writing can be.

Evernote and many other Silicon Valley companies use whiteboards to brainstorm and generate ideas.

How do you remove ideas from the board? Evernote has its own product to do this. They snap photos of the important details on the whiteboard, and save them as notes in Evernote. Whiteboards can be combined with technology to enhance your planning process.