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What Does A Translation Company Do?

Should you employ a translator on a contract or a translation company?

It’s a question that is asked frequently for anyone requiring translation services. If you’ve never dealt with translators before it can be difficult to decide what option is best for your needs. While working with freelance translators could appear like a less expensive option, freelancers don’t always offer the best solutions over the long term and in many cases, they could end up costing you more.

Look over the advantages of working with a translation agency.

Verified Credentials

You may have noticed it’s pretty easy to find an online translator who is a freelancer. This is due to the fact that anyone can claim to be a freelance translator, as you have a computer and can speak at least two languages.

You don’t want to select just anyone to work on an assignment of translation. You require a translator who is more than simply bilingual. It is essential to find a translator who is proficient in both the source and target languages, and who has years of experience in translation in their chosen industry.

This is where a translation firm comes in.

Freelancer translators can be hard to vet, but translation firms have strict requirements to their translators. Each of our translators has at least a bachelor’s degree, and work experience in their chosen field (i.e. medicine, law, advertising, etc. ) as well as the capability to prove how proficient they are in languages they translate. This ensures that you’ll get the most effective results for any translation work.

Translation companies also offer the possibility of certified translations which are required in many situations such as immigration and legal hearings. Not all freelancers will be in a position to offer this service.

Faster Turnaround Times

When you hire just one person to take care of every need for translation and requirements, you may discover it difficult to accomplish everything in a timely and promptly. This is especially the case when you’re working with a tight deadline and a large amount of translation work to do.

When you contract a translation company You have access to a whole team of translators. This means that you will get faster turnaround times so you don’t miss deadlines.

In addition, if you require material translated into multiple languages, a company that specializes in translation is your best option as they have an array of translators they work with. If you choose to hire a freelance translator, you’ll probably have to employ multiple different freelancers as it’s unlikely that just one translator can provide services in every language that you require.

Yet another benefit is the fact that many translation companies are equipped with translation memory. This means that if there are certain phrases or sections of your content that pop up repeatedly, the translation company can save the translation from the original one and apply it again as needed. This will help you save time and money.

Quality Assurance

Another advantage of working with a translation agency as opposed to a freelance translator is that they have a finely honed process. Instead of having a single person translate, edit, and proofread the text Companies often have multiple people checking for accuracy.

For example Accredited, for example. Accredited our documents are translated by a professional translator, followed by editing by a second translator who speaks both source and target languages, before being given to a proofreader who will give it the final check.

A different person will handle the details of payment, while the project manager remains in contact with you throughout to ensure that you’re happy with the final translation. This ensures that everyone is skilled in their work instead of trying to accomplish it all.

How Can We Help

If you’re considering using translation services, make sure you be aware of exactly the requirements you’re expecting from the language service provider. Although freelance translators can be an appealing option initially, translation companies often reduce time and cost (not to be forgotten headaches) in the end.