Pop Up Stands are commonly used for exhibition, tradeshows and events. What makes them so popular is the lightweight design, transportable nature and the custom graphic panels. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or experienced in the exhibiting department, the Pop-up frame will effectively display your panels and create a professional stand set up.

Taking it right back to basics – What is a Pop-Up Stand?

A Pop Up is a style of exhibition stand that uses a unique Pop-Up framework and takes minimal time to assemble. The pop-up mechanism makes it easy to install a frame with just one person, but also means the stand condenses down to a more manageable, and transportable size.

Not to be confused with a Roller Banner which is much smaller and features a completely different design.

What sizes are available?

The Pop-Up measurement system can appear difficult to begin with, but once explained should make more sense.

A 3×3 pop up isn’t measured in metres, so a 3×3 stand isn’t 3m high x 3m wide. In fact, the 3×3 relates to a cube, so it’s 3 cubes high x 3 cubes wide. This is important to know when shopping around as the stand needs to fit in the exhibition space, perfectly!

Stand heights are available in Midi, Standard and Jumbo, so the right height can be selected.

How do the graphics work?

To complete the Pop-Up package, you’ll need printed panels otherwise your display would be pretty boring! Now the fun can begin with customisation. The printed panels act as a blank canvas and will accept any artwork, image or text that you want.

The importance of your graphics is high. Think bold, unique and memorable in a room full of competitors.

The stoplight media graphic panels are easy to fix into place and simply hook over the top and glide down the sides as the magnets connect.

How transportable are Pop Up Stands?

In short, very!

The mechanism used on a pop up allows the frame to completely close down and fold together. The frame then fits in to a wheeled storage case which is a suitable size for transportation and not too heavy.

Do I need any accessories?

Accessories aren’t essential but they do look good.

The most popular accessories are lighting and graphic wraps for the case.

Adding lighting to the top of the stand will highlight your graphics even further than the hall lights. Also, in case of a dimly lit space, the extra lights could enhance the display stand massively.

Graphic wraps fit nearly around your carry case, turning a bland storage case into a custom branded exhibition counter. The multifunctional case transports your stand and creates a fantastic counter to meet and greet your stand visitors.